We will not allow general elections to happen – Chilima Movement

Saulo Chilima

Members of the Chilima Movement have warned that the 2019 election will not happen if their wishes are not fulfilled.

The Chilima Movement is a Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) faction supporting Vice President Saulos Chilima to replace President Peter Mutharika as the party’s president and torchbearer in the 2019 elections.

Patricia Kaliati Saulos Chilima
Kaliati: No Chilima, No elections next year

Addressing the media in Lilongwe, Member of Parliament for Mulanje West Patricia Kaliati said if Chilima will not be allowed to contest during the DPP convention, the MPs shall not allow elections to take place next year.

She said MPs are also Malawians and they have freedom to make decisions on presidential issues in order to bring change for the benefit of everyone.

During the press briefing, Kaliati was together with former First Lady Callista Mutharika and fellow MPs Bon Kalindo, Noel Masangwi and Allan Ngumuya.

The group said they want Mutharika to step down because he has failed and is surrounded by people who tell him what to do.

According to Kaliati, the Chilima camp is ready for the DPP convention and hopes everyone will be allowed to contest for any position.

“For the sake of democracy, let me propose that each and every person must contest in all party positions during the convention. Let members face each other,” she said.

2 thoughts on “We will not allow general elections to happen – Chilima Movement

  1. Please chilima tiolotse tatopa ndi muthalikas.
    Dziko laonongeka ili
    Viva chilima!!!

  2. Chilima movement is a good direction for us as Malawians and a new era for us the youths. We support Bwana Chilima to contest and he is going to win against A PM. Bwana Chilima chonde njoka saweta. Athuwa who are vocal in Chilima movement ndinjoka. Ndiadyera amenewa they fell out of favour ndiAPM akufuna apeze sympathy in Chilima Movement. Without them Chilima Movement will triumph. Atisiye timenye ndife anyamata nkondo imeneyi no more old age. They talk too much nonsense than what is required. A PM is a reasonable leader and he is going to amicably leave the reigns to SKC before the elections without nonsense. This is not a party issue, no . It’s for Malawians especially the new generation. NO MORE RECYCLED POLITICIANS ESPECIALLY OLD AGE AND AJA APAKAMWA. SKC will never rear snakes (SKC sanawetepo, sakuweta and sadzaweta njoka.)

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