DPP cannot win 2019 polls without Chilima – Kaliati

Malawi Patricia Kaliati

As the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) wrangles continue, one of Vice President Saulos Chilima’s supporters Patricia Kaliati has claimed that the DPP will not win the coming elections if Chilima will not be its torchbearer.

Kaliati was speaking on Thursday afternoon in the capital Lilongwe at a press briefing which was organized by the Chilima Camp.

Malawi Patricia Kaliati
Kaliati: We want things to get better in the party. 

Kaliati who is also DPP MP for Mulanje West constituency said if the party want to win in the coming polls, it should allow the country’s vice president to take over the party’s leadership.

The legislator said party officials should know that most people in the country no longer want President Peter Mutharika since he has disappointed them.

“Trust me, DPP will not win the coming 2019 tripartite elections if Chilima won’t be the party’s presidential candidate because people have lost trust in Mutharika,” said Kaliati.

She went on by trashing Goodall Gondwe’s statement that Chilima is too young to lead DPP and cannot become Malawi’s leader considering his age.

Kaliati wondered why Mutharika chose Chilima to be his runningmate in last polls if he is really young.

The MP further trashed a recent speech by the country’s leader that the Chilima camp want to sell the party to the opposition.

She said DPP is their party and they want things to get better in the party.

“We want to sell the party, where? Where are we going to sell it to? DPP is a national party, not only in the Lhomwe belt alone,” added Kaliati.

Among other notable attendants at the press briefing were Bon Kalindo, Lewis Ngalande, Allan Ngumuya and Callista Mutharika.



  1. It’s indeed a big controversy amoung the DPP members even though it seems to be easy for Chlima to take over from Peter Muntharika. It brings confusion to the DPP supporters and this will lead the DPP to fall apart.

  2. A Kaliati izi muchita ndi za manyazi. So you wanted to be a minister for life in the DPP government, mwalemba mmazi. DPP ndiyowina kale. Muthalika ndi mtunda wina . Dikirani tikuonetseni.

  3. Muwuzeni Mai Malawi zoona zake,zoti u bn using Chilima kubera mavoti and zoti panali agreement yosiyirana udindo zikatheka APM kulowa m’boma after 5years
    Pempho kwa APM bwerani poyera muliuze dziko musamangomenyanisa anthu mitu yet u knw the truth

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