NFRA moves to improve Simama league officiation

Karonga United

Northern Region Football Association (NRFA) has started assigning Simama League games to qualified referees in order to improve officiation in the league.

Speaking on Wednesday, Vice chairperson for NRFA Felix Mbonekela Msiska said it is one of the things they planned to do in the 2018 season.

Mbonekela Msiska has confirmed the development.

“It’s weeks now since the league started, and we are happy to see that all games are being officiated by referees from outside the venue, that’s what is happening now,” said Msiska.

He added that teams pay affiliation fee so it is good to give them good services and one of them is good officiation.

According to NFRA General Secretary Masiya Nyasulu, in 2017 season some games were abandoned due to poor officiation.

“To end this that’s why we asked referees committee to help the Association by giving us (NRFA) rotational officiation.

“One thing about rotation of referees is both home and away team cannot blame officiation and by doing this our league will end in time, while when games are handled by unqualified referees many games end prematurely and the league end beyond calendar,” said Nyasulu.

Head coach for Fish Eagles Etson Kadenge Mwafulirwa said this season teams cannot blame referees because almost every game is being handled by qualified referees.

Manyamula, Katowo in Hewe, Lura, Chilumba and Mbawa are some of the places where games will be officiated by referees from other areas because in those places there are no qualified referees.