Mwenifumbo ready to go to court over presidency


Alliance for Democracy (Aford) legislator Frank Mwenifumbo has said he is ready to go to court in order to be recognised as president of the party.

Mwenifumbo and Rumphi Central Parliamentarian Enoch Chihana are both claiming to be legitimate leaders of AFORD.

Mwenefumbo: I am ready to go to court.

Speaking with Malawi24, Mwenifumbo said he is ready to go to court because he knows that judgment will favour his side.

He insisted that although Chihana continues to bring confusion in the party and to mislead people, he (Mwenifumbo) will continue being recognised as the president because everyone knows that he is walking the right path.

“I know that l am the only president of Aford party, I know how I was elected there was no injustice that took place at the convention,” he explained.

He added that Chihana is spreading false allegations that Mwenifumbo hired delegates from Mulanje but there is no evidence regarding the issue.

On Wednesday, Chihana’s camp conducted a press briefing in Lilongwe where they claimed that their leader is the legitimate president of the party and Mwenifumbo was not elected by AFORD delegates.

The party organised a convention on May 1 but voting failed to take place due to disagreements over delegates.

The next day Mwenifumbo’s camp organised a convention where the Karonga Central legislator was elected president. Chihana’s camp also held another convention and he was elected president.

The two have not met to discuss the way forward for the party.