Chihana given 30 days to step down from presidency

Enoch Chihana

The Alliance for Democracy (AFORD) has given Rumphi Central Member of Parliament (MP) Enoch Chihana 30 days to stop claiming that he is president of the party.

The party’s Secretary General Christopher Ritchie made the demand during a press briefing conducted at AFORD offices in Area 49 in Lilongwe.

Enoch Chihana
Chihana given 30 days to step down.

Ritchie said Chihana is no longer recognised as the party’s president although he has been claiming to be one.

“Chihana must  agree that he is not president of this party, he should stop bringing confusion in this party, we are peaceful people we do not want to continue creating drama in our party,” said Ritchie.

He said the party followers from all the regions chose Karonga Central MP Frank Mwenifumbo as the president at the convention last month and no one has been bribed to openly say that.

He went on to say that when Chihana was president of the party he was travelling a lot without considering that he is party’s president hence the Rumphi legislator was replaced.

Ritchie however did not disclose what the party would do if Chihana refuses to step down.

In his remarks, the party’s national chairman Gulani Guta said Chihana must stop taking people for granted and refrain from taking the party as a family property.

Guta added that he has been in the party since 1992 and he know what it means to be a good leader.

According to Guta, time has come for the party to unite and become presentable to the nation especially at this time when general elections are close.

During the press conference, various regional and district chairpersons of the party presented their grievances.

The party organised a convention on May 1 but voting failed to take place due to disagreements over delegates.

The next day Mwenifumbo’s camp organised a convention where the legislator was elected president. Chihana’s camp also held another convention and he was elected president.