Malawi declared free of cholera

Malawi cholera.

Malawi has been declared cholera free after recording no new cholera cases in the past three weeks.

Ministry of Health and Population spokesperson Joshua Malango said the World Health Organisation has declared the country cholera free because Malawi has met the international guidelines of not registering any case for 14 days.

Joshua Malango
Malango has confirmed the development.

During the 2017/18 rainy season, 30 people died of cholera in the country.

The ministry of health recorded 900 cases with Lilongwe registering the highest number of cases (352) and deaths (18).

The last case of the disease was also recorded in the capital city.

The ministry of health has since advised Malawians to continue taking measures such as drinking clean water and washing hands before eating in order to prevent reoccurence of the disease.