DPP MPs being forced to endorse Mutharika

Peter Mutharika

Ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) senior members are pressurising the party’s Members of Parliament (MPs) to show support for President Peter Mutharika as the DPP’s torchbearer in the 2019 elections.

According to reports, DPP Secretary General Greselder Jeffrey and vice president for the South George Chaponda are telling legislators to endorse Mutharika.

George Chaponda
Chaponda forcing DPP legislators to endorse Mutharika.

Some DPP Parliamentarians revealed to the local media that they have been told to show their support for Mutharika and not Vice President Saulos Chilima.

There is a movement in the DPP which wants Mutharika to resign after his first term and let youthful Chilima represent the DPP in next year’s elections.

Legislators such as Patricia Kaliati, Allan Ngumuya, Bon Kalindo and Noel Masangwi have already endorsed Chilima.

However, Mutharika on Sunday said people who are pressurising him to quit in 2019 are wasting their time since he will be the party’s presidential candidate in next year’s elections.

The Malawi leader added that he wants to build on the developments he has achieved in his first term and take Malawi to greater prosperity during his second term of office.



  1. Let there be a convention

    It is the delegates that vote for the person they most believe will win the next election.

    The president is not a King,

    Would be good to vote in some new faces and rid the party of so many corrupt MP’s

    Build strength among parties not opening new parties each election.

  2. Whoever feels that he is being forced to endorse muthalika I guess has the liberty to say not if he doesn’t want & leave the party. Remember the party was found by Peter’s brother & I don’t think he can quite b4 his second term. It is indeed a waste of time to thoz who are fighting for chilima. The best thing to do is to persuade chilimayo to start his own party & see if he will have numbers as some think.

  3. dpp as a party needs to make a collective decision,the nec decided to endorse APM then the structures needs to follow suit,you can’t do things against your organisation that’s creating chaos,if you can’t agree with your seniors then you have to move on,don’t force your seniors taking your opinion there is a reason why they are seniors,they can forsee much better than juniors.greed won’t win,why is it so difficult for chilima waiting APM 2 terms tenure expire?why is he so in a hurry to rule?isn’t he drunk with power that he is so blinded to see that fighting his senior won’t work?

  4. I love dpp koma agalu amene ndimadana nawo ndi.chaponda, nankhumwa greselder jefry i hate them.

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