Fuel tanker explodes in Rumphi

Fuel tanker

A fuel tanker on Wednesday night exploded in Rumphi, killing one person and injuring ten others.
The truck which was coming from Dar es Salaam was carrying petrol.

According to a police report, when the tanker reached Chiweta Trading Centre in Rumphi at around 6am on Wednesday, it rolled over after the driver failed to fully negotiate a corner.

Fuel tanker“The situation was normal the whole day as the company officials were working on modalities to offload the fuel into another tanker,” says the report.

But when night fell, people from surrounding areas started running battles with Chiweta Police officers who were on the scene.

The villagers defied orders not to get near the tanker and they started stealing the petrol.

Unfortunately, the tanker caught fire and exploded. One person who is yet to be identified was burnt to death while ten others suffered serious injuries.
The injured persons were taken to Livingstonia Mission Hospital.

They are Jane Mkolongo aged 43, Matambuli Nyasulu aged 45, Giko Mhango aged 24, Tionge Makwakwa aged 21, Lucy Chirwa aged 16, Beauty Nyirenda aged 19, Mestina Nyirenda aged 48,

Daston Mtawali aged 39, Oswald Mhango aged 40 and Pesy Gondwe aged 36.
The cause of the fire is yet to be established.


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  1. This is a big shame and sadness for the lost lives. Roads authority and road traffic directorate should shoulder the responsibility to civic educate people allong main roads on their responsibilities and duties when such accidents occur and many other issues as road users.
    We have kabaza on the roads of Malawi. These bicycle taxis need civic education too.

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