DPP fires Governor for supporting Chilima

Saulos Chilima

The Catholic Pastoral letter went through one ear and came out through the other for the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

Despite calls by the Catholic Church for parties to practice intra-party democracy, the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has fired its deputy Regional Governor for the North Afiki Mbewe for forming Chilima Movement.

Afiki Mbewe
Mbewe fired

Mbewe together with some members of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) in the Northern Region have formed a grouping called Chilima Movement to drum up support for Vice President Saulos Chilima’s candidature in next year’s elections.

The grouping is led by Mbewe.

Confirming the development, Vuwa Kaunda said they have fired Mbewe so that he should fulfil what he wants.

“We have fired the deputy Regional Governor for the north for forming Chilima movement, we have simply helped him achieve what he wanted,’’ said Kaunda.

Mbewe has been claiming that out of 22 district governors in the region, only two, Christopher Mtambo of Rumphi Urban and Kondwani Lusale of Mzimba North, are against Chilima.

But DPP Regional Governor for the North, Kenneth Sanga, said Mbewe cannot form a movement because he has no resources and support.

The issue of Chilima’s candidature came into light when former First lady Callista Mutharika endorsed the vice president.




  1. Where is our democracy? People should be free minded to choose their leader. What we need is a young energetic president that will stand for the needs of Malawi citizens. If Peter wants to be respected, must just resign and let Chilima be in otherwise he will be forced out.

  2. Malawi is for everyone who is citizen of warm heart africa.if ua brother secured a sit of presidency does not mean you are not eligible to contest or to be a president of malawi.
    This is total no-sense pliz break that mindset.
    Every citizen of malawi can be a president as long as she or he has qualifications.Stop pointing fingers at people who were blessed to be leaders

  3. Mr Mbewe will have more time for your movement. Good action guys. Fire everyone who is supporting Chilima. They are not true DPP supporters. Don’t spare anyone.

  4. DPP they should not take this issue of chilima in right not these guys soon they will be surprised

  5. Osamawanamiza adadi, akula adadi akapume . Kaya siChilima koma adadi akalamba .

  6. We need going people now. This is not a banana republic. Or a family business.

  7. Thats Malwi not to call malawi with pipo who just sit and eat like dogs thy know nothing…i support you guys big up

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