Malawians asked to elect leaders who will accept to resign

Bishop Thomas Luke Msusa

The Episcopal Conference of Malawi (ECM) has asked Catholic Church members to create a new era by choosing good leaders who can become agents of change and will be willing to resign.

The ECM has made the plea in a pastoral letter released today and signed by eight bishops including Chairman of ECM Thomas Msusa.

Bishop Thomas Luke Msusa
Archbishop Thomas Luke Msusa: Church believers  must choose visionary leaders.

In the letter, the bishops have asked their followers to create change by choosing servant leaders who will put people’s needs at heart.

According to the bishops, church believers should choose visionary leaders who will address challenges that the country is facing in various sectors including the health sector where there is shortage of medicine, equipment and medical personnel.

The bishops say leaders should be people who can be trusted, who will bring transformational leadership, who are selfless, who will be servants and who will make correct decisions effectively without fear of the consequences.

They also want Malawians to elect people who respects the law, have willingness to step down and are God fearing.

Malawi goes to polls in May next year when Malawians will choose the president, councillors and Members of Parliament.