University of Malawi students seek to foster gender equality in politics


University of Malawi students have set up a society to enhance the role that young women play in Malawi’s politics.

The organisation, called Prism, centres on inspiring and empowering young women across the country to actively participate in politics.

Prism leaders; Rehema (right), Patience (left)

Rehema Patricks, the founder of Prism, mentioned that universities are a perfect entry point for gender equality in politics as female students possess the capacity and skills to inspire other women.

“By invigorating young women’s interest to engage in politics, we are assured as a country of addressing gender disparities in politics, and realising the 50-50 campaign,” she said.
Miss Patricks also bemoaned the slow pace the country is making in addressing gender disparities in politics.

Newly elected Prism president Patience Chikalira said they are intent at helping female aspirants in 2019.

“We will support women aspirants with campaigning, as well as support in mentoring and coaching them on public speaking and campaigning,” she said.

“We will work with all political parties because we are non-partisan. We draw our membership from across all political parties and blocs and our immediate goal is to see to it that more women are voted into office in 2019”.

The group can be contacted at [email protected]


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