Catholic Priest arrested in connection with albino murders

Reverend Father Muhosha

A Roman Catholic Priest has been arrested in Malawi as probe into the gruesome murder of a person with albinism continues.

The priest, only identified as Reverend Father Muhosha, was arrested on Monday afternoon, according to reports that Malawi24 has been following.

Reverend Father Muhosha

He is being kept in custody at Nselema police station.

His arrest is connected to investigations in the murder of MacDonald Masambuka.

The 22-year-old was found murdered after he went missing on 9th March, 2018 at Duwamakawa village, in the area of Traditional Authority Nkoola in Machinga and his body was laid to rest on Monday 2nd April, 2018 with some body parts missing.

The brutal murder of Masambuka saw the resurfacing of the attacks on persons living with albinism.

A fortnight ago police arrested one of their own for being suspected to have played a role in Masambuka’s murder.

A report in 2017 revealed that since November 2014, 21 people with albinism have been killed in the country and 121 cases of the attacks have been recorded countrywide.

Persons with albinism have become targets of criminal gangs operating in Malawi who hunt them like animals for their body parts.

The attacks are driven by myths that the body parts are used as lucky charms. However there is no proof that the bones bring luck and there is no known market for the body parts.


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  1. Koma sindikudziwa kuti munthu ungakabisale kuti. Wachipatala oyenela kuchiza anthu naye involved. Wa police oyenela kuteteza anthu involved. Wa nsembe mtumiki wa Mulungu amene oyenela kutonthoza anthu naye involved. Khomo la kumwamba ndilopapatizadi. So shameful!

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