Police worried about child sexual abuse cases


Police in Machinga district have expressed worry over the continued increase of child sexual abuse cases in the district.

Public relations for Machinga Police station Davie Sulumba said the police station registers at least four child sexual abuse cases each month despite efforts to reduce the malpractice.

MalawiHe noted that cultural practices and lack of parental guidance are some of the factors leading to the increase.

According to Sulumba, young girls walk at night in the district which puts the girls in danger of being attacked and raped.

“Most of the times you find girls walking at night and the places where they are usually found are videos shows and other entertainment places,” he explained.

He therefore asked parents in the district to take proper care of their children to ensure that they are not found outside at night.

On how the police is dealing with sexual abuse cases, Sulumba said they arrest the culprits and many cases have led to conviction of the offenders with many convicts getting 14-year jail terms.