Expect another earthquake – Geological dept.


The Department of Geological Survey has warned Malawians over the possibility of another earthquake occurring in the country.

The warning follows an earthquake which was felt on Thursday morning especially in the Southern Region.

Another earthquake coming

According to the department’s deputy director Kondwani Dombola, the Southern Region was hit with the aftershocks of a 5.4 magnitude earthquake that struck Mozambique.

The deputy director further said there is a possibility that another earthquake will hit the country soon.

Dombola however pointed out that there is no way to accurately predict earthquakes.

The department has since urged the public to get familiar with safety measures to follow in case the phenomenon re-occurs.

Some of the precautionary measures are to stay indoors, to keep away from windows when inside a building, hide under a sturdy table and hold on until the ground shaking ceases.

Drivers are advised to pull up and wait for the vibrations to cease.




  1. Why being indoor as a precautionary measure? I thought being outdoor is the best since no wall will fall on you? Zodabwitsa bwanji.

  2. Sometime s scientists us the probability of an occurrence of an earthquake using data obtained from previous earthquakes and use statistical evaluation based on null hypothesis or Markov Chains that extrapolate the occurrence to a certain time limit and that’s why we should EXPECT another occurrence.

  3. Geological Dept inanena kale kut palibe yemwe amadziwa tsiku losdza chivomerezi chifukwa palibe makina ena aliwonse ayesera izi.

    1. Koma sizothandiza chifukwa zikudabwitsa kut izi akukamba chifukwa cha chivomerezi chomwe changochitikachi ngat ndizothandiza bwanj sadalosere za chimenechi.

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