MP Muyaba confident she will keep her seat

Olipa Muyaba Chiluba

Mzimba North East Parliamentarian, Olipa Muyaba Chiluba, says she is not afraid of what she has described as a Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) agenda to oust her in the 2019 general elections.

Recently, DPP Campaign Director Jappie Mhango and the party’s Northern Region Governor Kenneth Sanga toured Mzimba North East where they demonized Muyaba and swore to dislodge the independent legislator and her Mzimba North counterpart Agnes Nyalonje of People’s Party (PP).

Olipa Muyaba Chiluba
Olipa Muyaba Chiluba: Confident

But Muyaba has said the DPP cannot oust her.

“Mhango and Sanga are burdening themselves with a cheap propaganda campaign which will not shake me at all,” Muyaba said in an interview.

The Member of Parliament said during her term she has carefully used the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) to bring more development to Mzimba North East as compared to all her predecessors.

Muyaba mentioned school blocks and other notable infrastructure in areas such as Dunduzu, Msiki, Kamphimbi, Enyezini, Chipando, Bala, kabwanda, Mtavu and Elamuleni.

“I’m the true representation of development and I’ve no doubt I’ll sail through again in the next election,” she said.

With the general election due in about fourteen months’ time, over nine aspirants are already making moves to wrestle Mzimba North East from Muyaba.

Catherine Gotani Hara, a former Cabinet Minister and lawmaker for the area and a likely candidate for the main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) is one of such people and is poised to be Muyaba’s main competitor.

Muyaba acknowledges Hara’s presence in the constituency, saying, at least, she (Hara) “exudes some energy to wrestle with me.”

“Otherwise, DPP and the other candidates are just wasting their time,” she added.

During the current Parliament Muyaba has chaired the Defence and Security Committee and she was a member of International Relations and State and Enterprise Committees.

The MP is currently a member of Agriculture and Legal Affairs Committees and Women Parliamentary Caucus.

Outside politics, she operates a number of personal businesses spread across the country.

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