Nkhoma CCAP synod against tribalism

Nkhoma Synod

Church of Central African Presbyterian (C.C.A.P) Nkhoma Synod has appealed to both the clergy and laity to avoid tribalism saying the church embraces people of all tribes.

Consecrating the new multimillion kwacha built Dowa CCAP church in the district,  Synod Deputy General Secretary Reverend Brian Kamwendo said the church accommodates all.

Nkhoma Synod
Nkhoma CCAP Synod

Rev Kamwendo said believers being from a church where the Holy spirit dwells, need to know that they are special and therefore should reflect Holiness in the way they conduct themselves.

“The church must reflect itself in what it eats, says and do as it is special before God, I am appealing to all those who practice tribalism in the church to stop forthwith the malpractices,” he said.

The Reverend emphasized the need for the church to have leaders who are of good manners and trustworthy, saying this is the entry point of making the church Holy.

Commenting on the forthcoming tripartite elections, Rev Kamwendo said the Nkhoma CCAP Synod will issue a point of stand guiding its flock on how they can elect good leaders, people who will not put the church to shame but accommodate all.

He thanked the Dowa CCAP congregation for the efforts and contributions made towards the building of the new church observing that it was not easy but required dedication.

Giving a background of the church, one of the elders, Dalex Soko said Dowa CCAP started in 2006 from the main Kongwe mission and construction of the new church building started in 2013.

Soko said over Mk18 million has been spent for the new church on roofing materials, window flames, and chairs among others saying its construction works is still in progress and there’s a great need for more contributions from members and other well wishers to have it fully completed.

The consecration of the new Dowa CCAP church from Kongwe mission was well attended by leaders from different political and social groupings including heads of different government sectors in the district.

4 thoughts on “Nkhoma CCAP synod against tribalism

  1. Anonymous what language do Nkhoma churches use in their churches in the North?

  2. Ndi zipani tsopano, sichikristunso! Shame!! Even in the church? What kind of christians re these who go along regional lines? Hell is waiting for u

  3. CCAP is where tribilism is promoted, like for those who speak tumbuka must be under Living Stonia Synod, those who are from centre region must go to Nkhoma synod and those from the sourthen region must go to Blantyre Synod, conflict has been there between nkhoma and living stonia just because Living stonia is building their churches in Centre region, if you go to church of living stonia, they mostly preach in tumbuka as if every member of that church is from Northen region!

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