One Tree, One Citizen Campaign launched

Tree planting

A campaign called “One Tree,One Citizen” has been launched in two constituencies in Malawi’s capital city, Lilongwe.

The campaign which is sponsored by Malavi Heritage Foundation (MHF) has been launched in Lilongwe City South and Lilongwe City South West Constituencies .

Tree planting
Ulemu Msungama planting a tree.

According to Member of Parliament (MP) of Lilongwe City South East Constituency Ulemu Msungama, during the launch on Saturday 16,000 trees were planted.

“We started at Chipasula Secondary School all the way to Area 22 and our main targeted area was the river banks where we had floods that left over 100 families homeless.

“Just today, we had over 500 youths from these two constituencies and it was great. Me and Honorable Chiphiko are very grateful for the support from the diaspora and Constituents,” Msungama said.

According to Msungama, the aim is to plant as many trees as they can.

One of the youth who attended the event  Madalo Buleya told Malawi24 that the campaign is good as it will ensure that trees are replanted to provide soil cover.

According to Buleya, the targeted areas are prone to floods that is at least giving a hope that damages caused by flooding may be alleviated since the trees will be reducing the speed of run-off.

MHF is comprised of Malawians in diaspora whose mission is to plant trees nationwide hence “One Tree, One Citizen.”




  1. All the members of Parliament mas pusy. Mitengoy awuzen amene alikub ndalama za ife osauka. Mot ngat mphawi wina angagwirek ntchit imeyo ndy kt mut wake suseweza ay

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