We must act to save Malawi – Chakwera

Lazarus Chakwera.

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) President Dr Lazarus Chakwera has said the future of the country lies in Malawians’ hands next year when they will be casting votes.

In his Martyr’s Day speech, Chakwera said  Malawians can use the ballot next year to make Malawi a better country .

Lazarus Chakwera.
Chakwera: together we will rise above the mediocrity of governance.

According to the Malawi’s leader of opposition, Malawians should never get tired of fighting for a better country since in every battle comes victory.

“For it is we who are the travelers, with our feet set on the broken and treacherous road to victory, and though on this road there are none who do not fall, ours shall only be falls in a forward direction, of which you can rest assured that none put our personal interests above those of our constituents, which is you.

“So on this Martyr’s Day, I urge you to resolve that in the year ahead, you will spare no sacrifice to make Malawi better, because if ever there was an hour Malawi needed you, it is now, and if ever there was a citizen Malawi needed most, it is you,” he said.

According to Dr Chakwera, Malawians must unite to remove President Peter Mutharika’s government since it is enslaving Malawians.

“Together, with each person doing their part, we will rise above the mediocrity of governance that enslaves us, and reach the heights of excellence worthy of our collective abilities.

“That means when you see something running amock, whether in any of the three branches of government or in our society, it is unacceptable for you as a citizen to say or do nothing, nor is it sufficient for you to say something,” he added.

Chakwera further urged Malawians to be acting on anything that they do not like in terms of governance.

“You must do something. In the valley of decision there are no wishes that turn into horses, and so in the interest of Malawi,” Chakwera said.

Martyr’s Day is the day that Malawians commemorate freedom fighters of the country. The day falls on 3rd March every year and the commemoration ceremony takes place in Nkhatabay.




  1. Of course yes, but when I regret old mcp I don’t think kuti things will come better. Mr chakwera inu mukhoza kukhala munthu wa bwino but chipani chanu mmmmmmm

  2. Malawi is a sick nation. Sick becoz even the so called learned people comment negatively on opposition even though they know is right. If opposition stood steadfast to their point what would that mean to the DPP led government &AMP? They were supposed to resign pending investigations by the ACB, the institution they cognived not to be independent.

  3. You politicians, both ruling and opposition, should stop playing with our taxes like you did in ths the mid-year budget review. Only then will Malawi be saved. Don’t stand in podiums and pretend you wish us well when in actual sense, you are killing the nation. How could you share 4bn when in the name of developing constituencies when you already get CDF? It’s insane.

  4. Osavutika mr c simungakhale msogoleli wa dziko wa chipani ndizokwana basi. Kukhala msogoleli wa mpingo sikophweka kukhala wa dziko

  5. Ngati akuvomereza pano ndiye zidakhala bwanji akazalowa m’boma? Ndataya nawo chikhulupiriro anthuwa, ndamodzi basi.

  6. Achakwela inu simukutithandiza bwanji mukungowonelera zopusa zimene akuchita anzanu adpp ?inu zowona mungamavomeleze kuti mugawane ndalama zobedwa ?mwataya chikhulupiliro kwa amalawi inu unali mwayi woti inuyo mukhale ndi masomphenya pazimenezi !

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