Govt. orders SIM registration to stop


The Malawi government has made an abrupt U-turn on the SIM card registration exercise, Malawi24 has learnt.

Minister of Information and Civic Education Nicholas Dausi made the announcement in National Assembly this morning.

SIM card registration
Dausi: Announced the suspension

According to Dausi, mobile phone service providers should first conduct civic education campaigns on the SIM card registration across the country, especially in rural areas, before the exercise could resume.

The government directive comes a day after Dausi made a ministerial statement on the registration exercise in Parliament.

Following the statement, Members of Parliament expressed their concerns on the exercise with some legislators fearing that the registration of SIM cards could be invading people’s right to privacy.

When announcing the suspension today, Dausi acknowledged that there have been suspicions from the public over the SIM card registration exercise.

He said the suspension will only be lifted after satisfactory civic education has been conducted.

Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (MACRA) last month told mobile phone subscribers to register their SIM cards saying the Communications Act of 2016 gives the regulatory body the powers to enforce mandatory registration of SIM cards and generic numbers.




  1. Why stopping it anyway anakamangopitiliza uku akuwaphunzitsa anthu and extend the time limit for the registration, these guys are sick

  2. Achitabwino…ife tisiye kugwira ntchito zathu m’maofesimu tizipita kokalembetsa sim card zoona!?? Pamsanapanu..muchite kutiyendera osati ifeyo tizikuyenderani asa!

  3. wina atandiuza nkhani ya idetite ili pati sindifuna kuni panga depoti next moth somebody help me makamaka wamene ali pa nyasa apa so search on fb ronald kumwenda profile pali mwa wanga thanx guyz

  4. What are you going todo with those who have already registered their simcards?Are you going to give them disturbance allowances?

    1. yess!!! they should be compansated they have lost their precious time…they could have done something productive with that lost time.

    2. Kkkkkkk!! Me first need to be compansated.But who is going to provide us the compansation?Is it from gvt,service providers or macra?

  5. Ndizokwanadi zimenezi..kod tizingoima pamzere mpaka liti..mumaona ngat tilibe zochita eti..simcard registration my foot.bravooo bravoo poimitsa zimenez

  6. This is all politics – people are afraid of making their dark works known to the public. DPP officials are afraid their numbers will be tracked in the system. They want their numbers to remain unknown for obvious reasons and they want to buy time. I do not support the idea of stopping the registration process. Instead, service providers should be asked to intensify civic education yes; but give them a clear timeframe while registration is ongoing. What privacy are the MPs talking about? – all you need is your ID details and a signature to show you are a bonafide owner of the SIM. This registration should go on without impediments. We are entering the electoral campaign period anything is possible. Malawians should lean the discipline of respecting the rule of law and accountability. If we set regulatory institutions like MACRA we ought to let them do their job with no political interference.

  7. Why you always wake up and order all malawians to do what you have dreamed at that particular night? Mbuzi za atsogoleri izi.

  8. Good move, we are tired with standing in long ques in useless things like this one, last year tinavutika ndikukhala pa mzere wa NRB, this year its another problem with these sim card registrations, next year will be when voting. Que in water board, Banks, Escom, hospitals etc, its boring guys!

  9. Yeeeeeeah that’s it….. Zfkwa zmwe amacra apereka ndzpuxa, even now network providers are able to trace any misconduct not because of simcard registration,,,,,, namani zna apa….jxt make links with them muzkhala nd info kt muzpanga trace any # bax

    1. Simon Ku RSA ndi one of Developed Country nanga buanj a Zibale anthu akuma pita mobela akuma pezeka ndima foni??

    2. And y aika reg period ychepa on top of that akt after that period xzkwanxa kuimba fon???? Tzt xzngatheke kgwrxa ntchto # kpanga trace munthu??????

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