Mutharika’s 55 MW generators only working at Sanjika

55 MW generators Malawi

Just hours after President Peter Mutharika commissioned 55 megawatts of electricity from diesel powered generators, a section of Malawians have hit at the President.

In a survey that Malawi24 conducted, residents of Blantyre lamented that there was no change in the electricity programme despite the additional megawatts.

55 MW generators Malawi
55 MW generators

A resident of Mbayani, Sam Malimba told Malawi24 that the additional power has seen no improvement in the electricity supply.

“Nothing has changed for us, we are still living in darkness for most parts of the day,” he said.

Rebecca Nzunga from Machinjiri said that there also was no change in their area despite the additional power to the national grid.

“I expected the situation to be like during Christmas but so far nothing has changed, the President cheated us,” she said.

Chifundo Moyo who resides in Kanjedza also dismissed the additional power as a campaign trick.

“I don’t see any change, whom are the generators serving? Maybe only Sanjika,” he said.

Malawians have been enduring long hours of darkness following low levels of water in the Shire River which is used for producing hydro electricity.

A lot of people have faulted the Peter Mutharika led administrator for the blackouts.

On Wednesday President Mutharika commissioned an additional 55 megawatts from diesel powered generators to add to the national grid.




  2. Kkkkkkkkkkkkk generators everyday plugs check out ikakana ku starter muzayambe I think plug yalowa witsi iyaa mosemo ife tikudikilira stupid idea bwanawa athedwa dzeru

    1. Mmmmmmmmm why is Government failing to fire the top Escom officers and employ new well experienced team?

      Where is that company promised to bring Electricity in my good country?

  3. A waste of money,
    How much does each generator cost?
    How much diesel will each generator use,
    Multiply the amount per month,then year.
    Why is Malawi failing to her power from Mozambique

    1. The generators are a short time solution. The company has only two years to operate. The Moz. inter connection deal was signed two weeks ago.

  4. When will they last? What’s the benefit buying gensets, raising tarriffs is there any benefit? You are liers. Then one by one they will start breaking what a laughable idea from the whole government

  5. Generators kkkk this is a mockery to the Malawian nation Zoona ?? These generators r meant for hospitals farms industries or hotels.this is another form of cashgate

  6. In mulanje, we had blackout from 1 to 10 pm on Thurs and today Friday, since 4am. I don’t know what is happening.

  7. Ku ndirande so greatful taonanadi improvement yaikulu, considering kuti podikila long time plan, this was the only way to go, eeh tathokoza kwambiri keep up the good work, tilipo oganiza mopanda hatred iliyonse mu mtima…ndipo tokuona

  8. There’s is God, in heaven one my dream will come true we are not stupid , God will provide something good than this,

    1. and others are commenting as if their God is different from other’s. I thought and the Bible is clear that there is one God; Jehova. (Mmmm am just reading comments and not opening a debate)

  9. iiiiiiiiiiii Shaaasaah ..Mavuto Sazathadi Pano eti……mpakana 55mega pa Sanjika pokha ….iiiii kaya anthuwa ……aliphule pamoto ndani Dzikoli? iii

  10. Magenesets ayasidwa koma dzulo almost 13 hrs of blackout …..zopusa izi……ngati wina adadya ndalama za escom abweze basi asatipusise ndi mbola zamagenerator….chaoneka kusintha ndi 24.7% hike koma uchitsilu uja ukupitilira 13 hrs mpaka

  11. This president is a big joker, pakamwa two much, very little output—-what has changed? Tikugonabe mumdima—–it was a way to hike the tariffs….useless

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