Lack of long-term development plans irks Lucius


Balaka North lawmaker Lucius Banda has said Malawi is underdeveloped because of governments’ unwillingness to implement long term projects.

Writing on his official Facebook page, Banda said ruling parties only implement short term plans designed to be completed during their period in office which is derailing the development of the country.

Soldier Lucius Banda

Banda: we must put guidelines to help our leaders.

According to Banda who is also a renowned musician, Malawi will develop quickly when ruling parties also stop dumping development plans created by previous administrations.

“The moment our regimes will learn to follow the long planned development goals, (despite having their own manifestos,) Malawi will develop faster.

“It is common knowledge now that our theories have been practised elsewhere and the results have been huge success stories. I feel as citizens we must put guidelines to help our leaders to survive the temptation of wanting to be seen to have done ABC in their tenure of office,” Banda said.

He added that government must remain a continuous organisation and projects of one administration should continue even after another administration comes in.

The Member of Parliament expressed hope that Parliament will make a law that ensures the implementation of long term projects.



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