SIM card registration to curb fraud


The Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (MACRA) has disclosed that the mandatory SIM card registration will help to curb cases of fraud in the country.

According to MACRA, Malawi has witnessed cases of fraud due to the absence of registration.

Clara Mwafulirwa

Clara Mwafulirwa: The exercise is to help law enforcers to track people.

MACRA communications officer Clara Mwafulirwa said the exercise is to help track people that are involved in cases of fraud.

“We have been having cases whereby people were called by some individuals that they have won a certain competition but they must send some money for them to get the prize, this has been happening because we don’t have information of people who are using the network,” said Mwafulirwa.

She added that the exercise is to help law enforcers to track people involved in crime related activities using mobile phones.

MACRA has introduced mandatory SIM card registration in the country to get information of mobile users.

Citizens have been told they will not be able to use unregistered SIM cards from 31 March this year.

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