Just in: Mia announces MCP Veep intention


…as Fischer joins MCP

Political heavyweight Sidik Mia has announced he will vie for the position of vice president for the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) at the opposition party’s convention.

Mia who broke the silence earlier last year when he joined the MCP after a long dormant period in frontline politics made the revelations at a media briefing today as the party welcomed new members in Blantyre.

Sidik Mia

Mia: I will vie for the position of vice president for MCP.

Mia told reporters that he wants to be part of the MCP by contesting as vice president for the party at a convention that Malawi24 understands is meant to take place in a few months.

Mia has since urged party followers to cling to the party as the race to the polls rages on.

When he joined the MCP, divisions arose as reports suggested that the Lower Shire politician had wanted the veep post by financing the party at the expense of interim Veep Richard Msowoya.

In fact, Mia had ironically said he was ready to ‘oust a sleeping position bearer’.

Analysts argued that divisions of this sort could be a drawback in the race to the polls.

Malawi24 is following reports that MCP members from the North are against Mia’s intentions and are rallying behind Msowoya who hails from the same region.

Some of the new members include footballer Fischer Kondowe who will be contesting as a Member of Parliament for Blantyre City South.

More reactions to follow.



  1. When we were growing up they used to tell us that education is the keyto success
    Now we went to school, graduated, got the keyonly to find out that
    the government has CHANGED the padlock

  2. Kusiya mpira nkuyamba ndale, kaya zidzaoneka kutsogoloko. A Mia sachilendo mndale za kwathu kuno, so, Idont xpect hm 2bring anything strange. Dyera lokhalokha basi. Can he be able 2help Malawians in that vice presdency position only? Mmmmmmh.

  3. Mia is welcome in whatever the position he may wish to stand. MCP is not a family party, but belongs to all Malawians. And F Kondowe is welcome on board, he jumped in at a right time.

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  5. Kuganiza Koma kumeneko abale tiyeni tisiyanitseno ndi za mpira Fisher si wampiranso pano Musiyeni wakumana ndi anthu odziwano ndale

  6. #Fisher_Jahman_Kondowe , you could have choose to be an independent candidate, this could have help you to have alot of followers from both sides of the political parties because you already have alot of followers who loves you as #Fischer_Kondowe who has contributed alot to both National team and in our local club big bullets, the club which also has alot of supporters so far, so I think joining any party will divide your followers depending on what they want. Had it been that you choose to be an independent candidate then you could have stand in the middle of your followers!

  7. Its a blue lie if Sidik Mia can vie for veep.We don’t forget that he said he wanted the bigest position,so is veep position bigest?Gone are the days we can’t be cheated in these days.We know he wants president’s position.

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