Fischer wants to contest on MCP ticket

Fischer Kondowe

Malawi’s veteran footballer Fischer Kondowe has expressed interest to contest as a Malawi Congress Party (MCP) parliamentary candidate in the 2019 general elections.

Kondowe was unveiled today in Blantyre by Sidik Mia who has also officially announced that he will contest as Vice President for MCP at the party’s convention.

The date for MCP convention is yet to be announced.

Fischer Kondowe
Fischer Kondowe: will contest as MCP Mp.

The Nyasa Big Bullets player who is aspiring to be Member of Parliament (MP) for Blantyre City South Constituency will first have to win the party’s primaries in the area to contest on the MCP ticket.

He earlier told the local media that he wants to be MP in order to develop the area.

“I have grown up in this area but nothing I can see that is changing. In other areas notable development are happening so I want to change this area.

“We don’t have good roads here and most youth have nothing to do. I know what youth needs here and with the little something that I have I can find ways of making them have something to do,” he said.



  1. Takhala ndi zipani zosiyanasiyana malawi muno zimene zikumatipana moyipa chipani chimene tikufuna ndi mcp basi jahman sanalakwitse more fire

  2. Poti MCP yalero, ya Kamuzu akanakumeta Kaye mpala liyambirenso.

  3. Banchelor if ayi.podzakambilana Bill ya MARRIAGE AGE,Fischa adzatulutsidwe coz angadzamulaule coz he know not za ku chipinda.

  4. MCP!!youthful party! nkhalamba za DPP zikapume!Goodal,Henery Musa,Dausi,Ntaba ,Petulo,Jean Kalirani,Kondwani,Chaponda etc I show u all RED CARD! for failing Malawi go!

  5. Ukanakhara independent ukanawina fans chifukwa already ndiwe otchuka sizikanakubvuta koma MCP? Mmm mwina chifukwa choti ukufuna support its OK go ahead.

  6. A welcome idea,we hve comedians,business personnel just to name a few,no problem if the door is open let him do so,bg up Mr Kondowe!!!

  7. Peter mponda, Allan ngumuya, moses kumkuyu and fischer kkkkkkkkk wina afune allan sangagwe enawa angoyaya tindalama bola akaimire kwina kkkkkkkkk

  8. Chambadi sichabwino.. wapupuluma kunena chipani chomwe uzayimire,, ukanakhala independent,, masapota ako agawikana,, komanso hv u done an analysis kuti in ur area of target which party is popular? hv u thought about aftermath kuti utaluza caree yako in football bearing in mind ur party?, think beyond miles away from u….

    Ofcourse nkhani ndi ndalama,, u think sadic mia will sponsor onthat angle alone good tyming but on u winning as Mcp Mp in Blantyre kkk may be.
    Dont be cheated or fooled by ndirande byelection…..

  9. Kkkkkkkkkk Vuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just a passing glance, koma kuli ntchito ku Kubula City South.

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    Kodi Pa Ma Candidate A Upresident Pali Amene Akuoneka Wothandiza Zikoli?!

    Kodi Za Bushiri Zija Zili Pati?! Please Aime… Ena Onsewa Palibe Amene Ali Ndi Ma Qualities A U President..

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