Nomads eyeing friendly with Zambian club


Mighty Be forward Wanderers have announced plans to take on a Zambian club as part of preparations for Confederation of African Football (CAF) champions league.

Nomads are expected to face AS Vita football club of Democratic of Republic of Congo next month in a preliminary round.

Butao: has confirmed the development.

Wanderers general secretary Mike Butao said on Sunday that the club’s technical panel is planning for the team to have about three local friendly matches and another one in Zambia.

“We are planning on having one more international friendly and maybe two or three local friendlies.

“The plan is to leave earlier to have the game in Zambia en-route to DRC but this is something which is in the planning stage and hopefully it will work out since there are about two teams who have shown interest there,” said Butao.

If the Wanderers plan materialises, then the game will be Nomads’ second international friendly match as on Saturday they lost 1-0 away in Mozambique against the country’s top flight league champions, HB Songo.

According to CAF, the 2017 TNM Super League champions will start away in DRC on the weekend of 9-11th February 2018 before the second leg a few days later.



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