Activist call for handshake ban over cholera

Jobe: In other countries, they have banned handshakes.

As Malawi Government through the ministry of health is still battling to curb the spread of cholera, a health activist has called for a ban of handshakes as a prevention measure.

Health activist George Jobe who is also Executive Director of Malawi Health Equity Network (MHEN) has urged government to ban handshakes in the country.

“This is worrisome that as we fight the outbreak, the numbers of patients are also increasing. In other countries, they have banned handshakes we can still do the same in our country,” said Jobe.

Meanwhile, health ministry officials have disclosed they are to ensure that the disease does not spread further in the country.

Since the outbreak was recorded last year, four people from Karonga district have died due to the disease.

The outbreak has also spread to some districts including Salima but with majority of patients being registered in Karonga district and Lilongwe, Malawi’s capital.

32 thoughts on “Activist call for handshake ban over cholera

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  2. As far as we know that hand shaking demostrate how codial are pple shaking hands,and that they are really appriciating each other,but now days its very risk, for easly spread of germs,but rulling out a ban to hand shaking should be in consideration of every person on his/ her own,not as law,

  3. Zichite kufika pa point yoletsa ma handshake? Koma nde cholera yafikapotu, yaposa pa Ebola… Nanga tsono ife aMalawi popeza timati chikondi chili mmanja, zitani pamenepa?… Mmmmmh.

  4. Shaaaa…xoonadi ena amamina kugwira mamina osafuna kusamba mmanja…nt only dat anthu amapanga uve zedi then mkuwagwira anzao canzaa….moni wapakamwa mngwa bho kapena wama rasta ujaaaa

    1. Ma HSA alipo ndithu koma pali zambiri zimene zimasokonedza ntchito yao,timadikira kuti ena afe Kaye ndiye azipezekano mmidzimu,

  5. Tell people to wash hands after visiting toilet, changing nappy, wash fruits, avoid low food staff, chlorinate drinking water etc i dont think stopping hand shake can do anything if people are not practising healthy life style

    1. Zimangovuta kuti moni wantundu umeneo tidaudzolowera koma siwabwino,zambirizi zimangotidusa mwachisomo koma hygienic standards are very poor amongst ourselves

    2. A Naphiri, zikadakhala choncho nde bwenzi ambirife kulibe. Inuyo kuti makolo anu kalelo adziwane adayamba ndi moni wapamanja, nde lero mukuti ukhondo… Mmmmmmh.

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