Shoddy work: one month old bridge destroyed by rains

A bridge in Nkhotakota that was fully funded by Malawi Government has been washed away by heavy rains after being used for a month.

Malawi24 visited the place and observed that the bridge which is called Jumbo Bridge has been damaged.

Bridge washed away by heavy rains.

The bridge was officially opened by Minister of Transport and Publics Works Jappie Mhango on 25, November 2017 after being fully financed by Malawi Government.

Heavy rains that have come in Nkhotakota district have led to the damage of the bridge but according to community members living near the bridge, it was also poorly constructed.

“Cracks started soon after it was opened to traffic  and now it’s impassable after heavy water due to poor construction of the site,” one person told Malawi24.

People in the area had hope that the coming of the bridge will ease the transportation challenge that they have been facing especially during rainy season.

On Friday, heavy rain also washed away a culvert along the Lakeshore road that connects Nkhotakota and Salima, making the road impassable.

The Roads Authority (RA) said the road has been damaged at Lisozi Bridge which is 50 kilometres from Kaphamtenga.

The RA said motorists should be using the Kasungu-Nkhotakota Road that passes through Nkhotakota Game Reserve.

42 thoughts on “Shoddy work: one month old bridge destroyed by rains

  1. This is very very bad workmanship. All scarce resources washed away like that.please let us not compromise standards and quality irrespect of whether the project is in rural area or not. A full investigation is suggested . I hope access to Kasitu has not been affected

  2. Vut siboma koma amene anawina contract yomanga bridge wo. Anatenga ndalama zochuluka kuboma iwo ndikugula cheap material ndikumangila bridge. Zosatila zake ndizimenez, dyela ma contractors

  3. Zikudabwitsa kwambiri two weeks mlatho wa malizika kumanga,ngati ili campaign mmmm zavuta.miseu moti achotse phula wakale akumaika pa mwamba paphula wakale akuti chitukuko.this is shame,Road gate corruption.

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