Government asked to fulfill pledge on disability friendly infrastructure

Simeon Munde

Federation of Disability Organisations in Malawi (FEDOMA) has asked government to fulfill its pledge on considering people with disability when constructing buildings in the country.

This call has been made by Head of Programs for FEDOMA Simon Munde.

Simeon Munde
Simeon Munde : We are concerned.

Munde said it is very unfortunate that some of the structures that government has been constructing are not disability friendly.

He added that it is a concern considering the fact that the same government pledged to consider persons with disability in its plans for new buildings.

“This problem is there that is why we are advocating for infrastructure accessible by persons with disability as the Disability Act says that public infrastructure is supposed to be disability friendly,” he explained.

According to Munde, they have noted that people do not think of tomorrow when constructing buildings which is worrisome to them and the nation as well.

He however expressed concern that FEDOMA’s calls for structures accessible by person with disabilities do not attract much attention from government.

Munde pledged to continue looking to the government to promote the welfare of people with disability.