PAC warns govt on Electoral Reforms Bills


The Public Affairs Committee (PAC) has said it will take action if government plays tactics to delay the Electoral Reforms Bills during the current parliamentary sitting.

The warning was made by PAC Chairperson Felix Chingota during a media briefing in Malawi’s capital, Lilongwe when he was announcing that the slated 13 December 2017 peaceful demonstrations have been postponed.

Rev. Felix Chingota
Rev. Felix Chingota: The demos have not been cancelled.

According to Chingota, the demos have not been cancelled but postponed as the quasi-religious is observing how the bills are being handled since now they have been given to legislators for debating.

PAC Chairperson said government seems to be acting on the bills and that is why the demos have been postponed but if government plays hide and seek games to delay the bills, an action will be taken.

PAC observed that government has so far taken to Parliament 5 bills among 6 which shows that the Executive is responding and that is why the demos have been called off.

“Members took time to examine the requests and noted that 5 out 6 bills have been presented to parliament and that the bills have been prioritised to be debated this week. It was however observed that the government brought some new changes to the bills especially on 50 + 1 percent which now extends to MPs and Councillors. We note that this was not part of the Law Commissions report.

“We further observe that the Local Government Act reforms have not reached parliament. The letter from us still remain crucial to improvement of service delivery in Malawi. The approach taken by government to introduce changes to the bills that were not anticipated demonstrates bad intention on their part,” Chingota said.

And the other reason why the demos have been postponed is that PAC wants to give Members of Parliament a chance to debate the bills freely on Thursday 14, December 2017.

Asked on whether the protests have been cancelled because other branches of PAC were against the demos, the religious body said that it has not been moved by anyone.



  1. PAC Always Threatens Govt,kkkkk.These So Called Men Of Collars Got K80 Million From Bushiri,to Support Demos,they Pocketed It Away,what Shame Do Those Called God’s Pipo? Kuba Basi,dyera?

  2. inu ndimakape apa boma lakupusisani kale ndie mukuona ngat mungataniso inu boma lanji lingaziombere lokha? …. apapa aDPP apanga ngat zaBingu zija thawi ya Sec 65

  3. Stupid idiots this pac thing is for you your wives children and your grandchildren if at all you have them but with your failures am quite sure you have failed in almost every aspect of your leadership as men and appointee to those positions you’re in as board kaya chanichani uko eni akenu, shupit! !

  4. These so called men of clothes should just register PAC as a political party instead of always juggling around like headless chickens.

  5. don’t make us fools a PAC ma fools ndinu omati tiyen ku mademo mademo akenso andale why not organising mademo amagesi akumakhala 24hrs osayakawa za electral reform zo magetsi akazayaka kapena inu akuluakulu a PAC amene muli mabusa nd ma sheikh nd a civil society muli nd ma genset makwanu et anthu opepera okambanso zopepera Mulungu akuotchen nd moto onyoketsa

  6. Tikufuna Nkhani ya secretary wamkulu wa boma Loyd Muhara yoti adagula Katundu ochepa wopangidwa ndi thabwa koma wandalama zambiri zokwana K64 million za misonkho ya a Malawi

  7. Nanunso a PAC mukungodya beta za iiiii. M umatuti mupanga ma demo national wide apa akuthirani omwewo,mwa droper. Mwati muyambenso za Electoral Reform. Mukuwona ngati a Malawi ndi opusa. Tikudziwa Kuti mukuwera chipanda chimodzi ndi iwowo

  8. This is Malawi for Malawians and it’s affiliates. We need to understand each other by not demonizing each other. Goodness of democracy and tolerance. Malawi should promote seed of togetherness and understanding. The 50+ should not put Malawi at ransom, and should not be taken as a yardstick of vilifying others. If thinking aloud is acceptable 50+ its a race that could go either way. If MCP wins in 2019 and fall short of a seat by a % and a rerun is conducted and loses will the party be comfortable and accept the results. Similarly if DPP loses in the first round wins in the second round will MCP accept the results wholeheartedly or with reservation.
    The result can go either way. This has to be given a good thought. All losing contestants will gang up and frustrate the first round winner or either. The most important is to understand the operation of 50+ before being excited with the bill.
    The 2014 results at National level
    DPP had 1904399
    MCP had 1455880
    PP had 1056236
    UDF had 717224 these are results from the major contesting parties. Everything equal add DPP results and UDF results it will give DPP 2621633 and MCP add PP, MCP will amass 2512116 and bearing in my mind some of votes that voted for PP were obtained in the stronghold of DPP which means second round could think otherwise.
    Bearing in mind this regionalistic voting pattern 50+ has to be treaded carefully with little or over excitement.
    Regional results were as follows
    DPP. 173119
    MCP. 136737
    PP. 446151
    UDF. 21264

    DPP 432848
    MCP 1252130
    PP. 275511
    UDF. . 154997

    DPP. 1298432
    MCP 67013
    PP. 334574
    UDF. 540963
    This is just food for thought for agitators. Politics and political winners should start analysis of these results to be on good winning footage. Without these or overlooking these will only add pain to already painful wound.

    1. this coming polls parties will perfom differrently since alot has been experienced, pertaining to woes malawians have been facing so far.

      my prediction

      MCP_________ 41%
      OTHERS_____ 04%

      automatically RE-RUN will be crucial polls that malawi never had.

    2. Kalanje I don’t think there’s tangible evidence about rigging. These are just political gimmicks. Am only interested to focus the future, why should we dwell on the past? Time will be spent on thinking of rigging instead if going flat out on campaigning. In politics you use whatever means to win. This 2017 we are tired of rigging song let it be past thing and focus on the coming elections and strategize on how to win.

    3. Mwenyegama, that could be expected results for the forthcoming elections. This where care should be taken by all major contesting parties.
      Facts of the matter is first to sensitise the masses on voting. If you follow voting patten of Malawi normally vote on regional lines and its indisputable fact. If this thinking is not removed in the voters minds and proper civic education is conducted the usual result will happen. CSO should start educating voters to remove such mentality of voting on regional line.
      The %age analysis you have indicated now it will the 16% to decide for the next leader and this is a pendulum. The 16% could gang with the 39 and suffocate the 41% or the 16% could give 41% an upper hand.
      This should be given a good thought.

    4. Kapito try to have independent thinking and analysis of things. You’re at liberty to give your own views than depending on manipulated facts. MEC are humans as you and me are and are liable to mispresent facts

  9. Why always fooled malawians? Which action?13 december is today.Pip were supporting u on useless things esp to go on the streets for zionetsero pressurising gvmnt to bring in e.r.bills bt have failed. mitu yanu imagwira koma?Thandizo loyendetsera ka pressure group kanuka mumalitenga kut?Nanga zisankho zanu zimayenda bwanji?Is it by voting or just by apointed if that is the case,50+1 also must be there.

    1. Kananji do u think the played tactics will only affect opposion mps?Nothing will change the train direction ,its already pointed kuba chilichose ndi toilet paper yomwe ukhuluku wonse waikidwa pamtunda

  10. You can play any tactic you want to Malawians whether the bills will be deliberated and pass or not but we know how to judge,2019 is almost next year,i dont think you will manage to neutralise all the pains of blackouts to business people,corruption,low prices to farm produce,peanut salaries to government workers the list is endless. After all mwasala ndi budget imodzi,mavuto achuluka you cant adress them all.Tidzakumana pa mtengo wa kachere.

  11. Kkkkkkkkk PAC mavuto ali thooooo kungolandila 50grand zolengeza zonse ziiiiiiii ndale za pa flames ovutika ndiozitengelafe eniakewo akudziwana

  12. Zatikwa monse mwayambila zabill zikutinyansa bwanj mukakamileso ija inalephereka mthawi amayi yokatenga magesi ku mocambique ija muzapteso pamseu mukamatche mwamva!!

  13. PAC ndi ka bungwe kadyera ndithu mmene munayitenthesera nkhani yama Demo ija lero akupasani ndalama mwakhala chete, ndye muziyankhulaso kuti fwe fwe apapa ngati ndinu ozindikira, Go to hail

  14. PAC ndi ka bungwe kadyera ndithu mmene munayitenthesera nkhani yama Demo ija lero akupasani ndalama mwakhala chete, ndye muziyankhulaso kuti fwe fwe apapa ngati ndinu ozindikira, Go to hail

    1. Please PAC follow the changes to 50+1 bill to extend to MPs and Councillors the Government’s agenda is to cause chaos so that it really becomes very expensive for re-runs.
      Why have they extended the 50+1 bill to Councilors and MPs let us see how the MPs will handle this bill now in Parliament during the debate.

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