Do more beyond HIV treatment, govt told


As Malawi joined other countries in commemorating World AIDs Day, the Catholic Health Commission (CHC) has urged government to do more beyond this year’s theme.

The theme for this year’s commemoration is “The right to health, Access for HIV prevention and treatment for all”.

Revered Father John Alphonsus Ryan
Revered Father John Alphonsus Ryan: We will increase its capacity building in the fight against HIV and AIDs in Malawi.

In a statement signed by CHC chairperson, Bishop John Ryan, the commission has urged government to “ensure that health services are respectful, nondiscriminatory, culturally appropriate and treating everyone with dignity”.

The commission has also advised government to ensure that the services are medically appropriate and are of good quality.

Adding further, the commission has expressed need to have fulfilled budgetary commitment to enable Malawians realize their right to health.

The Catholic Church through the commission has said it will increase its capacity building in the fight against HIV and AIDs in Malawi.

The HIV prevalence rate in Malawi varies greatly across the country in that HIV prevalence is higher in urban areas than in rural areas.

Young people account for about 50% of new HIV infections in the country and the prevalence is higher in some young populations like the 15 -17 year olds.

A number of factors play a big role in the transmission of HIV in the country. Of notable interest is the early sexual activity in young men and women. HIV transmission among couples is also high.

Efforts to reduce the HIV epidemic have been made over the years at both national and local levels. Of particular interest is the realignment of the National HIV and AIDS Strategy (2015-2020) to the 90-90-90 targets set by Joint United Nations for HIV and AIDS (UNAIDS) and adoption of the test and start strategy.


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