Malawi economy growing – World Bank


The World Bank  has  said Malawi’s Gross Domestic Product growth will increase to 4.5 percent in 2017 from 2.5 percent in 2016.

The estimates are in the Malawi Economic Monitor (MEM) 6 which the bank released on Wednesday in Lilongwe.

Reserve Bank of Malawi

Kabambe: These reports are fair.

The sixth MEM which is entitled Land for Inclusive Development was released together with Malawi Investment Climate and the Country Economic Memorandum.

The MEM says for Malawi to  stay this course and prepare the way for a path to higher long-term growth, it needs to maintain and deepen macroeconomic stability, fiscal discipline, and debt sustainability.

“The country also needs a combination of a large boost in medium-term investments and deep structural reforms to strengthen conditions for the private sector. These reforms should include the availability of energy, and land reforms,” says the report.

The MEM acknowledges the recent passage of Land Laws as necessary to secure land rights, especially for women and vulnerable groups but it recommends improving the planning and management of land resources at central and local levels, as this has a potential to generate revenue.

Speaking at the event, Reserve Bank of Malawi Governor Dalitso Kabambe expressed gratitude over the reports saying they will  among others assist Malawi on how to move  forward in terms of boosting its economy.

“These reports are fair and are showing that we are  coming from a very  difficult time but am glad to say that we have stabilised our economy,” Kabambe said.

He was  quick to mention  corruption as well as cashgate  scandals as main factors that disturbed the country’s economy.

According Kabambe, Reserve Bank with the help of the reports  will therefore make sure that the county’s economy continues to stabilize.

In her remarks, World Bank  Country Economist Priscilla Kandoole commended Malawi for improving its economy.

Kandoole asked people in authority to  continue working hard and use some of policies outlined in the reports.



  1. Lie.In Malawi, they doctor figures and hide the true economic reports.

    A classic example is when someone woke up one morning thinking it was a Monday instead of a Sunday and hurriedly announced to change the nations flag andvwasvabout change the currency too claming that we were the fastest growing nation on the planet after Quatar.Hahaha.Many of you clapped hands.I didnt.A few others didnt too.

  2. Is world bank working under instructions too? Or they are given wrong data to compile these report. Don’t they use primary data collection techniques such as observation? What is it that we are producing that is improving GDP? Malawi leaders must be careful with where they are taking this country to.. Our agriculture is going doing and tobacco markets and systems are corrupt. Maize market is not available. Mining sector is in the hands of foreign investors. Our tourism industry is not given enough attention.. Anyway.. Only God know the truth about these reports!!!

  3. Amalawi vuto lake mumazitenga ozindikira muli zixiru zenizeni…….kaya kungo amayi anu abambo anu ..agogo anu anazolowera kususa inuso mwat bas ndine osusa..zinaz guys mwafika nazo pa uchisiru..mutha kususa munthu akukuuzani kut awa ndimanyi ali apawa ..zisiru zenizeni…osamavomelexako bwanj zinaz….ndi bwino kunvesela kwambiri nd kuyankhula pang’ono…mwazindikira lit inu…ka certificate ka 4 kmweko?? Zausiru kumayikako osamakhala ansanje agalu inu..

  4. A Mikwamba kaimirireni uphungu ku DedZa basi mwanena za nzeru apa .kunena zoona titalimbikitsa ulimi ndikutsekula misika basi ma admark athu agwire ntchito ngati kale lija. Musaiwale tili ku Dedza timagulitsa mbewu zathu ku Lifidzi Admark.

  5. Kkkkkk kuti afike ponena zimenezi kafuku fuku waowoyo amapangira nyumba mwa president kapena kumisika yakumudziyi? Ine chomwe ndikuonako apa ndiuphawi okha okha basi

  6. We must continue with austerity measures to improve further. Expenditure cuts, fight corruption, embezzlement, fraud. The times will bite the time will ease the pain.

    • nanga nditchule iwe popeza ngakhale neighbor wako wakuseli kwa toilet yakoyo samakuziwa popeza umachoka usiku kubwelanso usiku mbava iwe

    • No. There are a lot of thinkers who have beautiful idea and not this idiot. For your own information that was already said by Immanuel Kant nde if Trump did not acknowledge that, it is plagiarism. You can check that word(plagiarism) in ur dictionary kkkkkk

  7. Please Malawians don’t be cheated , These people are fooling this liar. The fact is there is no or little development taking place in this country. I recall Dr Hestings Banda used to preach that the backbone of this country is farming and he himself and his ministers were leading examples. But now things are totally different, this farming task has been left in the hands of small farmers who are facing with challenges low capital, high cost of farm inputs, political interference on farm inputs,luck of reliable markets just mention a few, while the president and his ministers are busy buying expensive cars instead of investing in farming activities to creat jobs for poor Malawians,and you stand tall and say that the Europeans are saying your economic is growing,yet nothing you are producing for export rather than importing maize flour from Zambia shame on you.

    • Bravo Mikwamba, well explained. Justice tarmac in Chitipa cannot affect GDP anymore. GDP thing deals with increase in exported goods which are produced locally. Can you export tarmar road to America,China, Europe? Moreover that tarmac road was already commissioned in the past what remained was the commencement of the project.

  8. When did Malawi was rich? what i know is that the alleged time of MCP which they claim tha the economy was good, majority of the people were living at the extremely poverty to the point of that kalaliki yekha ndi amene amavala trauser lopanda zigamba, nyumba za malata pamudzi zinali za Agriculture zokha basi, so a’m wondering anthu akamati we are getting poor than before, can someone school me about that? is true magesi samkazima koma kwathuku samazima chifukwa magesiwo kunalibe

  9. Muntharika paid u to shit us with these lies,which economy is growing?we will take him out just like his brother mugabe,watch this space,his days are numbered

  10. I sell tomatoes yes but wondigula ndiwababer shop,wogulitsa juice,madzi ,ufa ,koma onsewa blackout akungokhala agula ndani tomatoyo ndiye nkumati economy is growing za mmutu.

    • A tambala mwalandira zambiritu every comment ur there …kkkkkk.mavuto onsewa inu mkumati pa malawi zikuyenda wa babershop mene akumvera kuwawa plus ootcherera mulibe manyazi kumaikora kimbuyo mbuyanuyi ziganizireni ma

    • Kkkkkkkkk ati kuyetsetsa kuyeretsa chothimbirira. Malawi ikutumiza chani kunja kuti GDP ikakwere ndi ma blackout amenewa? GDP imakwera ngati dziko layamba kupanga ndi kutumiza katundu wambiri ku mayiko akunja. Musatinamize timazitsata nafe.

  11. Which economy are you talking about? Are you mad? You just think we are fools. You can talk of economy for those in high positions which growing up seeing Malawians passing through countless and millions of troubles and difficulties as if we don’t pay tax.
    I now get your point: your economy is growing up indeed but not Malawi’s economy which is growing down.
    If it is growing, why did you reverse your decision of coming up with that K5000 note?
    And then, where is electricity?
    Why is it that we youths suffer and just stay in homes after spending all that huge amount in our colleges and universities with diplomas and degrees in bags?

    I think the reporter copied craziness from the investigator.

  12. Akunena izi si President wa dziko lino koma ”WORLD BANK..” This is only for those Malawians who got eyes to see the effort Government is puting up & aMalawi okhawo amene ali ndi mtima/umunthu owona zabwino zimene boma likuchita..! Congrats HE Prof. APM

  13. Dont listen to the Europeans.. They are telling us what we want to hear!!! The Devil himself making all of us feel poor passive and divided!! Wake Up Africa

  14. I think the report was compiled by people who were school mates,room mates, and work mates of this great liar called Peter Mutharika.Which nation have developed without electricity can this stupid thing called World Bank tell Malawians?

    • Thats amazing, an ordinary malawian is becoming poorer every day in the village and sm-one out there is sayn the economy is growng.

    • Zamanyazi tapitani kusika katundu akukwera mtengo tsiku ndi tsiku Ndiye wina akubwera ndimasazi kuti chuma chikuyenda bwino.

    • With these stupid statements from IMF & WORLD BANK,thats why africa is not developing,ur jst coming from ur countries uko,then mphuno panire then kumayankhula zopusa kuti chuma chathu chiribwino! kupusa,fools! anthu tikuvutika heavy mmalawi ndipo kukhala pa malawi ndikulimba mtima!

    • To:Mr Tupo Joseph Saidani
      Can you tell us fully what GDP is all about? What are the indicators of a good GDP?
      With well backing points can you tell Malawians five economic growth indicators of which 50-100% of Malawi’s population is benefit from them,Lastly if your are a DPP cadets you will tell us lies as your father Peter Mutharika used to.

  15. How is it growing with persistent power outages? World bank- you can do better than turning yourselves into soothsayers!!! Malawians are neither asleep nor stupid – respect yourselves by being decent with us!!! If your economists are retirement age, send them to their homes!!! The last thing Malawians expect from the donor community is any attempt to corrupt their mindset!!! Stop this foolishness -you understand?

    • whatever but u knw wat i mean i knw malaawi has some problems but f something good happens appreceating is good then u shall be called wise person accusations come for apurpose

    • Hahaha Awatchura Bwanji Kuti Chuma Chawo Chili Bwino Komanso Chasutha Pamene Ife Okhala Mdziko Muno Tikuona Moto? Akutengera Ma Records Ammbuyo? Ndiziti Zomwe Mwaona Kuti Zili Bwino Pankhani Yazachuma Inu Anzerunu?

    • Hehehe…Come On Kuchita Bwino Pankhani Yazachuma Sitikutathauza Kt Adzitipatsa Ndalama Ayi. xperts Ndiye Yaninso? Akungokhala Nditimapepala Awo Uko Basi Ndiye Adzitipusitsa? Akati Chuma Chikuyenda Bwino Akutanthauzanji? Nzotheka Magetsi Kulibe? Osanamizidwa Inu Anzerunu!

    • hahahhaa i knew that yo issue is about electricity man but u av to understand this no onez responsible for this and f u followed the issue on percentages t z something that z good to hear according to the duration of this government despite kut ndine wa mcp

    • No Izi Sizandale Ayi. Ayi Musatchule Zadzipani. Nkhani Yazachuma Ndiyazandale Ndizosiyana Chabe Kuti Kwathu Kuno Akanganya Andale Ndiamene Amakhala Patsogolo Kusakaza Chuma Chadzikoli. Koma Azunguwo Asamatipusitse Pankhani Yazachuma Ayi.

  16. Liking tht for the first time,Frm there I hope there will be job or business creations and opportunities to the youths and the population as a whole

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