Crocodile kills Standard 3 learner

Shire River

A search to rescue a 10 year old boy who was attacked by a Crocodile on Friday at Shire River in Machinga ended with the boy being found dead.

Machinga police spokesperson Davie Sulumba   identified the boy as Owen Sanudi of Msamati Village, Traditional Authority Nsamala of Balaka District.

Shire River
The place where the crocodile attacked the boy

Sulumba said the boy was a Standard 3 learner at Ferry Primary School. He was attacked by a crocodile at around 3pm on Friday along Shire River near Kamuzu Barrage in Liwonde Township.

According to Sulumba,   during the afternoon hours on Friday Owen and his mother went to Shire River to wash clothes and in the process Owen joined his friends swimming in the shallows of the Malawi’s crocodile infested river.

“In the process the boy was attacked by a Crocodile and he got drowned in the river.

“Search was conducted whereby the boy was found dead on 18th November,” Sulumba said.

Postmortem results from Machinga District Hospital proved that death was due to loss of blood and suffocation.

Sulumba therefore urged the general public to avoid swimming in crocodile prone areas along Shire River and further added that parents must take proper monitor of their children as the rainy season is approaching to avoid drowning cases.




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