Strong winds destroy houses


Over 200 people need help in Phalombe district as houses they were living in have been destroyed by  strong winds.

According to information made available to this publication, about 170 houses including schoolblocks have had their roofs blown off in three traditional authorities namely Nazombe, Jenala and Chiwalo.

170 houses destroyed by strong winds in Phalombe district.(File)

Phalombe District Commissioner Harry Phiri told Malawi24 in an interview that the situation is very serious as those whose houses have been blown off are in need of shelter.

“Indeed we have had strong winds around Tamani area where a number of houses were blown off and that we have lost structures of two schoolblocks as roofs were blown off, and the victims are looking for shelter where they can keep themselves safe,” he said.

Phiri added that the council has submitted the report of the incident to the department of disaster so that it can intervene on the matter.

He noted that the disaster is likely to affect lessons in the affected schools.

It has been also learnt that textsbooks that were in the schoolblocks which have been destroyed were also damaged  in the process.

Meanwhile, the District Commissioner is appealing to the general public to support the victims with various items that can help to maintain the destroyed houses and iron sheets for the roofs of the schoolblocks.

“The appeal is that those who can buy us textsbooks should do so and that will be a welcome development. And even those from Tamani area whose houses were affected we are also appealing for plastics sheets and any other help,” added Phiri.

The damaged primary schools are Chitawotawo and Makuni which are in Nazombe area and Makuwa Primary which is in TA Chiwalo.




  1. A kennedy bernard mukucomenta ngati mwana mwana wake woduka mutu kuti nzeru palibe anzanu ali pamavuto inu mukunena za utsiru. Ambuye akuyendereni mwapadera

  2. it seems southern Africa should brace 4 destructive rainy season becoz even here in Zim houses were destroyed by the rains yesterday

  3. AMabungwe mulikuti?Mumatchesotu apa mutalemba zikwangwani zanu kut; WIND MUST STOP IN PHALOMBE!!Ndi kukapereka petition yanu kwa dc yokakamiza mphepo kut isiye kuomba paja malawi lero wasanduka malawi wa zionetsero

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