ESCOM welcomes Bushiri’s electricity solution

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri

The Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (ESCOM) has given a go ahead to leader of Enlightened Church Gathering (ECG) Prophet Shepherd Bushiri to offer his solution to end persistent power blackouts in the country.

The sentiments follow Bushiri’s remarks at a day set to pray for Malawi in South Africa where he said he could solve power cuts in Malawi in days.

Shepherd Bushiri
Bushiri: Said he can end Malawi’s electricity woes

Bushiri disclosed that he travelled to Malawi to meet ESCOM officials on his solution over blackouts that have become a sad reality to citizens.

“There is no competition, if we had three or four companies supplying electricity in the country, we would have competition. I met ESCOM officials, I offered to say I have the money and now that would be history,” said Bushiri.

But ESCOM Public Relations Officer George Mituka has advised Bushiri to follow procedures if he is willing to bail out the country from blackouts.

“Let me emphasize that we don’t have a record of this meeting with this man of God, but let me advise him to follow the right procedure to go to government and get IPP (Independent Power Producer) framework,” said Mituka.

The country has been having persistent power blackouts that authorities say are a result of low water level in Lake Malawi.

828 thoughts on “ESCOM welcomes Bushiri’s electricity solution

  1. amene amadziwa zaufiti eyenso ndi mfiti odziwa ma satanizim samething, dont judge somebody lets us get a help from majar prophet fullstop. tangoganizani dstv mwezi ulionse kulipira koma sitikuonera

  2. mmmmmmmm …….let him try to make blackout a song of the past….

  3. My comment will come after I see reality the promise is for days….. not so?

  4. Kuteloko Dziko la Malawi lalephera kuzidalira kayamba kudalira anthu kkkkk anyway ,,,bola abwere magetsi okhawo osati zina

  5. AMALAWI,mukvutiklanj?kmbuklan maw omwe analembedw,kuzabwer anenel onyeng amene muzawawon ndizitchit zaw,zmwe zizfune kukop wokhulupilir onse,ler sizmenez?mukvutiklanj aMalawi?bt lets jst to begg God there face shine it for us?pls,pls…can u open your eyes to see what God will be done for us,,,,oooh……Malawi,,,,upusisikilanj iwe?mmmmhh…..

  6. Otipereka kwa onyenga nd barabas(in ths case dpp regime and escom/egonco) ndalama yake iwo akagulira kanavas/patapata(silipas).my malawi mmm dziko liri pamatod

  7. Solving energy issues isnt as simple as giving people a bag of maize. it can not be resolved in not less than 5yrs. Solar panels aint efficient as compared to hydro power. Stop dreaming

  8. Mavuto amagetsi sangathetsedwe ndi mumunthu mmodzi, aprophetio akuyenera abwere ndi mfundo zabwino ku dziko la Malawi osati ndalama zawo ayi.

  9. For us believers when we read the bible we learn that leaders were seeking direction from God through Men of God (prophets) come on Malawians here is

  10. For us believers when we read the bible we learn that leaders were seeking direction from God through Men of God (prophets) come on Malawians here is

  11. But not Escom boma la Malawi pobisalira just say government has accepted buahiri to help them manyazi kukana kuvomera koma akuti escom has accepted why not saying govt has accepted kkkkkk

  12. That’s a good move,, President azimva za anthu,,it has been our long time call,, Now Major1 you are most welcome-help your country with major solutions against persistent blackouts,,turn Malawi into wonders in Jesus name …..amen!!

  13. ndzosangalatsa..komaso ndzopeleka matha ukazilingalila bt l jst beg God the guider an the protector be with us.mulungo atipatse maso amalawi..chfukwa chaumphawi ndthudi we will be doomed once in awhile.

  14. Dear All residents of #Malawi, my warm heart of #Africa

    I greet you ALL with #Peace and #Blessings from #London

    Why rely on the Unreliables? #Escom in particular. Become self sufficient by getting #SolarPanels and many other resources to eradicate this major issue. Clean #water and #Electricity is essentials in #Life.

    No point saying our country is cursed because it really isn’t. It’s one of the most #beautiful country in this world.

    Plus blaming the Malawi #Government will make no difference to the ones who are running the country. The are so #corrupted that the Almighty has sealed their #hearts made them #blind and #deaf They are the ones who are cursed!!!

    I wish I was there to be the Voice of the People and Guide but my commitments in the UK, Dubai and Asia are overwhelming.

    I would set up a campaign as #OneUnitedMalawians #OUM

    I would Unite All people regardless of their #Race or #Religion as we are #Humans first.

    Be a problem solver and not the #problem

    Best wishes and glad tidings,

    Furqan Amico

    1. Solar panels you say??? Now tell me how someone who does a small business like barbershop and etc struggling to feed his family, can afford to buy a solar panel.

      Our country is not cursed, No.
      But if you really wanna, pop your nose in this, come down here and witness for yourself. Thank you.

    2. I feel what you are saying and that’s the reason I am “popping my nose”

      For the less fortunate the local businesses should set up on and this way can raise for thousands of people like you.

      There is always a way and getting angry and upset is not.

  15. President wasamba mmanja kuopa pammawa kuti azanyozedwa mwina kumutcha wansanje nde tikamaphedwa kufuna kubweza chuma chake tisazamukwenye iye

  16. Pittter iwe umati wutani zoona kulimbana nd profet wukuna mnthu wamlungu sagonja yimakhala mphamvu ya wuzimu, msiyeni athandize dziko uyo nd one ndithu the whole world amadziwika.

  17. Bushiri ur so welcome to ur mother Land, do anything as long as its Gud to Malawian zamunyasa musiyeni akakolope nyanja ineso poyamba ndimadana nawe koma ndinawona kuti palibe ndikupindulapo

  18. koma inu mwati a escom akutinganizira koma?coz thise bushiri we all know dat ndiwa satanic n zizi zipangisa kuti anthu ambiri miyoyo yawo iwonengeke.guys anthu ambiri ama user magesi a escom by end ov dis azafuna aliyese amene akugwiritsa ntchito anthu omue akugwiritsa ntchito magesi akewa apeleke msembe,nde zizakhala bwanji?mmmmm ine nde magesi ndi m’dima ndasankha m’dima kaya azizima 24hrs nkuyaka 5hrs basi it z how we r living……

  19. I personally have no problem with his assistance, as long as it doesn’t have any strings attached. Otherwise he should keep his money.

  20. Malawian huv very very problem wat u can know is no one can do things or help without making a profit.dis guy named Bushiri huv many his purporse for doing dis dat u didn’t know.From de bible it say dere is not unlimited things in de world. Its like wen ur buying something like a car wats will going next t to de car always getting brand or dirty.Becare wen ur need help from somone.climate is going to change everytime in de future we will not see even a doti of rain here in malawi. ESCOM try another way for producing electricity apart from water!!!!!!!!

  21. Bushiri. Aa atlast solution found zikhaletu zachangu ife mabiziinesi akulepheleka chifukwa cha magetsi

  22. Basi p mutharika watikwanandipowatizuzauzipitakwanukuzimbabwemunthuoipakwambirikuposaifaiwe.ndiwesatanaopopamagazi

  23. Hahaha azaonjera madzi?God did not reduced water in the river Jordan,instead He made those water separate one side for Israelites yp he gonna add water in shire river?thas madness

  24. Malawi open ur eyes and see, that help will cost us much, many still dying through road accidents simply because some one needs their blood as sacrifices to the queen under the ocean..Should we continue losing innocent lives simply to have lights in our homes? Very shameful, ambiri matsatatsata mumwalira mudakali muzomwezo..zakanthawi kochepa, Yesu kubwera mkudzatsalanso,,ngati ndi umphawi ndiye zanyanyatu

  25. Malawi unatani chilichonse ndale basi
    Let bushiri do it osamangoyankhula za zii enafe tikukanika kupanga bussiness because of magetsi

  26. Like Seriously? Bushiri Apitiliza Kupangisa Ngozi More Than He Is Doing.Becareful Bushiri Doesnt Give An Offer Without A Credit! Apopadi Magazi Anthu Like He Is Doing..Iam Telling You This Is Satanism..Despite That We Are Poor.We Are Loosing Our Frends Due To Blackouts In Hospitals Kma Kulibwino Kufa Mphawi Than Kulowa Satana Kutengapo Gao Pazina. Iam Teling You Anthu Ambiri Afa Pangozi Since Bushiri Killed Grace Chinga Last Year As The Rumors Of Him Were Circulating,itell You Malawians Afa..Akumapha Anthu Kumalawi Iye Mkumalemera Ku Jolozako ,itell You This Satanism Man Is Contributing To Our Loss In Malaw! Remember The Devil Do Frustrate Aswell,bushiri Is Abrother 2satan

    1. Osamankweza satana muntengo. Yesu ndiye mwini zinthu.

    2. In Malawi chorichomse chimayenda ndi ndale. Bushiri samgangomovumela kupanga zimenezo. Kuti mukhulupire, onani kuri ziii. Mkhani yolembedwa pa 8 lero 12 nothing we can hear from our Escom officials.

  27. PLEASE LEAVE GOVERNMENT ALONE, WE DON’T NEED YOUR OFFER IN MALAWI. JUST CONTINUE WHAT YOU ARE DOING RIGHT NOW. DON’T TAKE CHANCE BECAUSE OF THIS PROBLEM magetsi anayamba kuvuta kale kale ku Malawi. Government will sort out that problem without the money from this person.

  28. As Government you must realise first. How this Man get Rich in few years like that? What kind of business he is doing? Is he doing legal procedures of getting money? PLEASE DON’T ALLOW MONEY FROM THIS PERSON TO WORK IN THE GOVERNMENT PROGRAMS. In future he will claim something that will shocking the Nation.

  29. Malawi is small country but readers the very stupid so men off god who want to help his own country so other fools the comments there mothers pussy here we want good life in Malawi not blackout all the time major one he got money and he was busy help out off country so now he knows Malawi has going down he want to put his money back to Malawi so that we can leave better life not suffering like animals so other people say he will need blood for u don’t know what u say and I think u the one who suck Peters us and his friend who want to bring Malawi Down 5000 u think that money u can leave better life u fools ask ure granny about history she will tell u who bring Malawi down (1)bakili ..(2)bingu ,(3)amama a lock aka (4) awa akubwelesa Mavuto enawa a (5000) ndi (2000)

  30. Mmmm akuluakulu jelous ayi mulekeni munthu athandizepo…welcome man of God

  31. I believe this country has people who can turn around the economic, social, political woes but are on sidelines. Some have opted a wait and see scenerio. In Africa our problem is that we have put all our trust on politicians hence the chaos and crises we are in. Whoever told us that politicians have it all misled us. Thus the reason corruption is rampart in the country. The day we will awaken from this is the day of new dawn for Malawi.

    1. I was to stay quite but your point is so impressing. We need to awake from this perception of taking politicians to be solving us problems. And to the politicians again, its a high time that they should also accommodate other people’s ideas on hot issues at hand affecting lives of people.

  32. How do engineers feel about this? What is the point of all your education if you are going to be sitting on the sidelines? Are you doing something? Why are you not making noise with this electricity problem?

  33. Magetsitu simadzi okha,,,,,tangokhalani chete abwre akamunawa muone ndipamene mudzati,,,,,,Ooh khobwe sinyemba zangofanana mtundu!!!!!!apanga Apatsa akamuna

  34. anthu mukuyankhulanuso ndinu wopusa ndipo mukungoyankhulira kusayenda mayiko ena kuti mudzikawona zichitika kumeneko,ndipo tili ndi mayiko angapo womwe alibe magetsi adachita kukokela mayiko ena chimodzi modzi dziko lathulino likufunika titenge magetsi nde ndindalama zokha zokha nde tangoganizani dziko lathu lilibe ndalama koma anthu ali ndi ndalama nde mukuganiza chomulaka Bushiri kutenga magetsi dziko lina ndichiyani akhoza kukwanitsa kugawa magetsi dziko lose lino palipose anthufeso ndikumakanika kukagula mageti tangovomelezani basi kuti amene akuyendetsa dzikowo sakuliyendetsa moyenera amenewo ndi ma retire samayenela akugwile ntchito yaye koma kuti adzikapuma ukooo khalani phe muwone chi 5000 kwacha posachewa vuto ndilakuti apanga zimenezo koma wovutika sakudziwa tikusaukilabeyi

  35. Problems wl just be coming one after the other,muzimva wina wafa ndi shock,kapena magetsi awotcha msika ndpo ena amwalira.satana wayasama abale anga just be well prepared anytime because wat he want z to have many people on his side

  36. He knws that we Malawians depend much on electricity en it might be dat hes also responsible for the blackouts wth his demonic powers just for Malawians to be desperate and accept his bloody thing.What ever happens this must not affect me and my family in the name of JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH AMEN.

    1. My dear Gloria you don’t know what you are writing when we talking about bushiri leave him to be judged by God almighty as bible says. But when we talking about Malawi or world all over electricity is one of the keys to developed country. Without electricity is like your house without even a candle light. How do you feel when you are in that situation. Think about business people who put all necessary foods in the fridges. Don’t blame the people who want to help everyone in a minute. But blame the drivers of this country because they are driving in darkness and they have no clue where they are heading to

  37. plz Malawian…inu zikukusangalatsan zomwe zikuchitika magets dairy kuthima???? no musaganize ngt ana ngt angathe kusintha zinthu let’s giv hime a chance coz anthu sakuchiona chifukwa chomwe anamangila manyumba amagets ai mpka anthu ndio kumafika po onongeka ndiwo muma fredge awo nde muzit ai???? vto ndi chan Mtundu wanga iwe???!!!!!

  38. Wake up Malawi….almost 54 yrs of independent but still poor?……..falling to supply electricity!!! oooh my God!!!??

  39. just on this essue ali bho pozwa kut kwanu ndi kwanu mthengo mudalaka njoka.vuto la malawi ndikukhomelerana pa zomwe mun2 akupanga ngati boma lilibe. izi na izi ctizalemera nazo

  40. mmmm this is not the best solution. Escom could have just struggle to give us electricity not that man.

  41. Is this the same man of the cloth who defied the laws of gravity in his lounge ?the kind of stuff you see in the movies…i believe I can fly as Ranganai Kelly would say….oh dear our beloved Africa.

    1. This is the same charlatan I always talk about, who has the gift of the gab and us,the curse of social media, lol. Amalawi ife ndiwopusa sure!

  42. last tym the same Bushiri anathandiza team yamalawi ndi ndalama zokwana 40million kwacha kamba koti boma linalephela kuthandiza team yi ulendo wa team yamalawi unatheka anayenda koma sitinamve kuti ndenge yomwe anakwela osewela mpila a team yamalawi yagwa NO! this tym around akufuna kuthandiza magetsi kumalawi komweko koma zokamba zikuchuluka dont knw why

  43. Musiyeni achite zomwe angathe…poti ndalamanso ndiyachilengedwe papers from kumitengo and coins ndi myala basi…munthu ndi nyama let’s live this world to the fullest… Umphawinso siwabwino…kulemelanso sikwabwino tsono mukufuna chain aMalawi anzanga sankhani chimodzi mwaziwilizi?..death it will be easy when life is hard..dzimvere mtolo.

  44. Let me ndifuseko kod nzika yadziko ilibe ufulu othandiza dziko lake pachituko?ngat answer ikhale no that means aphuzits anga analiso mbuli ankandichonga yolephela the duties of citizen,fuxo ndilimenelo KOD NZIKA SIKUENELA KUTHANDIZA DZIKO LAKE PACHITUKOKO?

  45. A couple of weeks ago I read that Malawi is the only nation that hates Bushiri the most!Pitty!!!!He is a Malawian, let him invest in his own land, dont hate him. Anthu openga, mudakhala bwanji kod?

    1. We could be in for a surprise Brian, look at Donald Trump? lol. Right now we have a country run by a clueless bunch and this charlatan taking advantage of the whole situation!

  46. The escom guys say that the problem is water in Lake Malawi, so do u think Bushiri can replace water in the Lake? Who is he?? If he can pray to the same God that we all know, then why can’t we just pray as well and solve the problem? You think God listens to him only?? Come on, wake up malawi. Involving this guy is a very big big mistake.

  47. The escom guys say that the problem is water in Lake Malawi, so do u think Bushiri can replace water in the Lake? Who is he?? If he can pray to the same God that we all know, then why can’t we just pray as well and solve the problem? You think God listens to him only?? Come on, wake up malawi. Involving this guy is a very big big mistake.

  48. Who is Bushiri???This is campain material wake up Malawa devil will rule you anthu 18 million mphamva za magesi zakale zomwe zija koma ndiye udindo mwaufuna guys inu ngati ndi YESU mupeleke mayankho kumavuto onse

  49. Enanu mukanakhala olungama ndikanakumverani zoipa zake mukunenazo but because nanunso ena ndi mbava,mahule,afiti,odzikonda,anthu osaopa mulungu,nde xotisokosa apa ayi.tikufuna magetsi ife period.Abwana Bushiri takunyadirani mwamva

  50. My mother Malawi, why are you full of envy ,hatred ,jealousy and ignorant spirit., I rebuke this spirit out of Malawi in Jesus Christ Name.
    It’s good for a nation to have ministers of God who takes opportunities to help the country.
    Am coming there soon, to invest in my country, to do business and help the needy.
    May God be with Malawi.
    Don’t say anything against the anointed.

  51. Ine ndimadabwatu kuti Kodi Yesu wathuyu wakuno ku Malawi satithandiza vutoli?
    Poti Yesu wa Israel’s samadikira zifike popha munthu….. Takulandirani maganizo anu aprophet! !!

  52. Koma ndi anthu angati alephera ku kwanitsa zosowa za a Malawi? mukufuna chani? magetsi? nde mwati bushiri angathane ndi mavuto a Malawi wonse? learn to fear God than somebody inu mukuwona ngati munthu angafune kuti magetsi azizima inu! mukungoyankhula muliphee munthu amene angathane ndi ngozi za pansewuyo ndindani ngati anuwake a Malawi akuphwanya malamulo a pansewu! nthawi ya kamuzu ngozi zinkachitikaso! pray to God don’t blame anybody!

  53. maiko amzathuena magwilitsa ntchito mphepo or dzuwa kwathukuno dzuwande limaomba zed lithakutithandiza or mphepoyo imaombanso yambiri.taesan zimenezi mudzaona kusintha.

  54. Pick it up and end the blackout challenge in 48 hours muja tichitila belo muja you now have the go ahead from the utility authority…

  55. Welcome idea!!! as long as we have power 24/7 I don’t have a problem with him offering to help this sinking ship.

  56. OK its a right deal but Malawians be a wake and think of what will happen next after he has done that! This man he has been trying his best all along of how he can get lead of this peaceful nation(Malawi) but non of us is awere of this. You better try to find your own ways of how to overcome this loadshading problem.

  57. Wow!!!welcome man of God, our prophet of this generation. What i have discover in life is that poor people talk much against rich people. Beware of poor people you may end up poor as well

  58. life is all about business… open your eyes and think postively or stay blind forever and complain to avery little problem…. Malawi needs citizens like bushiri who are willing to change their nation .. big move Bushiri, zau prophet-zo mukambirana.. as long as magetsi akuyaka 24hour, business yanga ndikumayenda malonda, am cool with it

  59. When Dr. Saulos Chilima, now the Vice-President, was interviewed by his friends at Good Fellows sometime back,whether he was positioning himself for presidency, his answer was prompt and simple.” I love my job and i am contented with what l have” but time is a savage, a few years later, Saulos quit his well paid job and joined the stinking politics. And now that he is the Vice-president, if asked about his vission and dreams, your guess is as good as mine. So, personally, l will not be Taken aback, when l see Prophate Bushiri contesting for presidency, Simply because l know that , Man is inscrutable in his inclinations he changes his mood from time to time. After all, he is typical Malawian which means he can not be denied the right to do so. I follow C.C.A.P doctrines which means i am not quiet his fan and l don’t follow him. But when l heard about his appetite for electricity supply, I said Wow!! so you think you have what it takes? then, please go ahead. After all, it will benefits everyone. But believe you me, This man is positioning himself for presidency. I don’t know when but he is cruising towards State house.

  60. Good idea” Pick-up Bushiri for better of your Country……. Congratulations Mr…… Some people always ignorance without supporting their Nation.

  61. If the goverment fails..let him do his wrong as he is a citizen of malawi..let him in..we shouldnt be talking about this issue of blackout again en again..we have a,battle coming soon..dont forget this is the end of days

  62. He can really give us a solution to the problem because I have always believed that he knows something about the real couse of the blackouts.I have always believed that its all connected to his interests of “getting the attention” of the Government.So he can, just as he says. A doctor who invented the HIV virus will always know the antidotes for the virus.

  63. He can really give us a solution to the problem because I have always believed that he knows something about the real couse of the blackouts.I have always believed that its all connected to his interests of “getting the attention” of the Government.So he can, just as he says. A doctor who invented the HIV virus will always know the antidotes for the virus.

  64. The best way is to connect our grid to Kaborabasa/Mozambique. Just imagine the whole RSA with all that industrial development but it is powered by Kaborabasa Hydro. Let’s connect to it & there after we can see what to do with Nkhula

  65. Mwala umene amisili anaukana ndi umene unakhazikika pa u know who misili is a dog who barks upon its master. Study law en u will be a Good judge.

  66. MALAWI MALAWI very shameful country, do u think government / suppoting donnars we have,can not solve that we may need this satanic people fosec

  67. I think a Malawife ndopanda nzeru,inu Bushiri ali ndi Ndalama dzakhaninkhani munthuyu ndiolemera,monga tonse tikudziwa kut ndalama ndiyankho ladzonse,musiyeni Man of God athandidze basi..Timaima pa chulu kumanyodza ma prophet omwe akuchita ntchito yabwino powatchukisa kut ndi ma satanics fake prophets and and all that, dzomwe tilibe nazo umboni.Kuleka Masatanic tikuwaona ndi masowa,,anthu okuba ndalama dza chimangawa,anthu cashgate onsewa,akuba koma anthu odzuzika ndife kunoo..mulekeni Man of God athandidze munjira iliyonseyo bola blackout itheretu aaa

  68. Finally Bushiri amulola… Xo ayambalit… I understand he gat cash ix within few dayz en am sure he can du it.. Plz osakoneza thiz is nt abt mpingo ix bznss nde mkumat ma bznss ake amenewa akamaremera tzt nd wa satanic…??? Jst saying nt a fan ov hm tho

  69. Most welcome we are tied waiting in vain,,, if he can solve the problem why not let him do that coz as far as i know alot of bussines are closed due to ths problem ha ha,,,,

  70. Inu musamalalate ambuyanu ali m’bomawa dzawakanika osangoyamika bwanji bushiriyo akadye malawi yose kuvomeleza zithu ndikwabwino bas magetsio akabwera musadzagwilitse nao nthito mukulalatanu anthu okonda kupondelezana mind yanu ili pazaufiti kod mudatani amalawi

  71. Am surprised this time government to warmly welcome Major 1 offer after all this while they have bn a fierce social site fight between them, its true now that Bushiri can manage the country well enough. Malawians lets put hatred aside lets jointly work together to get rid of this political vendetta which is killing our country . Am glad that Mutharika and his Bulldogs are now teethless to bite their enemy and have finally given in to government mal adminstration

  72. Muikenso mapholo kuchimidzi chifukwa anthu amafuna kuitanisa magesi, koma mapholo opalira magesi amakhala alikutali. Anthu akumudzi amafunanso magesi, ndiye muyesetse kuti anthu akumudzi aone kusintha naonso.

  73. Ndikulemberani chichewa kuti mumve inu mukusokosa apa,kwa amene tikudziwa ubwino wa magetsi,”Takulandirani bwana Bushiri”.koma mukayenda m’mayiko achinzanu simumasilirayi zitukuko? zoti malonda athu akuvuta chifukwa chakuvuta kwa magetsi kuno kumalawi,inu ndinu alendo?? Malawi uzachangamuka liti? Inuyo inu mukuti Bushiri azafuna magazi,tiuzeni zoona,Bushiri amafuna magazi akathandiza???? Mutiyankhepo poti mukudziwapo kanthu!

  74. Wawuuu! thanks Prophet Bushiri for Ur Patriotic heart for Malawi Nation. But as much as U’re doing that, consider also constructing a Tarmac Road from Nkhoma To Salima Via Mayani Trading Centre coz that road becomes impassable during the rainy season due to it’s slipperly.

  75. Zikomo poster koma timva kuti iweyo ukufuna kukhala deputy president wa Malawi a Chilima achosedwa chifukwa cha inuyo ndipo inu ndi muthu wamulungu kumeneko ndiye kukhala ,mulungu azakulangani chifukwa mulungu simuthu

  76. This is funny,so boma lalephela kupeza njila kapena ndalama zothesela vutoli koma munthu uyu ndiyemwe ali ndi njila komaso ndalama zothesela vutoli? The end is here plz God have mercy on Malawi. True blvers pray hard to overcome this evil which is occupaying the entire malawi

  77. Let Bushiri help my country, iam also planning to come with my other business that need electricity in Malawi but I’m failing bcoz of power problem. so let us all allow Mr Bushiri to help our County to solve power problem, u are well Bushiri go to malawi and sort out the problem in my country, if someone says no then Bushiri must go to my district only in Malawi North thanks.

  78. When things falls apart we need to accept thanks for Escom to give the chance to Bushiri lets stop having eyes of politics ,other problems faces Malawi todaY having the answers with other people but they just holding becoz of ndale ,welcome Bushiri ndi mava kuwawa kuona Zambia, SA kusangalala zinthu za Bushiri while malawi suffering

  79. Go ahead papa a Malawi fe tilindisanje ku SA, ZAMBIA. Ndi Namibia akuthandizidwa ndi major one osamamganizira nzanu zinthu zoipa Ngati inuyo nde mli olungama pamaso pa mulungu inu nanu mthakutenga nawogawo lothandiza dzikolo.

  80. Aaaaaa anthuni musiyeni munthu uyu athandize dziko lino. Koma amalawi ndinu anthu openga kwambiri mukufuna chani makamaka? Munthu azipereka mwayambapo zolankhula pwiriliti asaaaaaa kanundu chani? Gooooooo ahead Bushiri!!

  81. Mulungu Dalitsan Malawi Musunge Mtendele Gonjetsan Adan Onse Njala Nthenda Makamaka Nsanje Iyi Eeeeeee Bushiri Go Ahead

  82. Mulungu Dalitsan Malawi Musunge Mtendele Gonjetsan Adan Onse Njala Nthenda Makamaka Nsanje Iyi Eeeeeee Bushiri Go Ahead

  83. Zophwisa zija ndiye izi ngati magetsi akuvuta asiyeni choncho than to.involve this so called bushiri of yours tamachenjerani mudzazindikira liti

  84. Ine nde vuto sindikuliwona ,,,,,,,,,,,,, kwathu tinagura crdt ya mages mwez a 1000 watha pano pano tinayiwara malingana ndikuzima zimaku nde abwere bas atithandize

  85. That will be the end of lives getting involved with this man, a lot of accident will happen and we must be getting ready of kutha kwa malo ku manda

  86. Time Has Come, Where There Was Dangerous There Wil Be Pleasure, One Day We Shall Reap Wat We Hav Sown. Nothing Never Comes Easy,, The Only Thing We Are Blessed In This World Is Life, Of Which God Gave Us For Free { May His Name Be Praised }, But Wenever There Is Money Ladies And Gentlemen, Musazakhulupirire Munthu Opuma. Remember, Holy Angels Are In Heaven, Koma Pansi Pano Olungama Mwina Alipo Koma Ndakaika.

  87. This young man is cleverer than the so called law professor. He knew quite well that the only way he could get what he wanted was by giving the old man fake credit. He has lost nothing through these praises instead ,he has achieved his objective of investing in his home country.On top of that,all DPP morons have become his darling ,which means no obstacles anymore.Go Bushiri go!

  88. inu amene mukukana kut bushiri athandizepo, give as a solution to the blackouts, munthu wati athandize and now your here saying BLABLABLABLABLA

  89. Congrant Mr Boshiri malawi country needs person like I thinks our Malawi country we are not poor or uneducated but we always bring ourself down may god continue to bless u for what u got!!! we all have ur back!

  90. nkhani ya bwino vuto munthu akat athandize wina aamakana komanso anthu akumalawi muli ndivuto kwambiri dziko longova munthu mmodz ngat kut ndi kapani yake. asa nde chifukwa chake akufuna kutipangira 5000 inu muli dwiii kupusa i mean u muli mbomamo

  91. MALAWI ON SELL, IDONT KNOW WHO is The BUYER OR The SELLER. But I just know the results .let’s pray hard that these problems be dismantled


    1. Vuto ndi la boma la dpp why. Iwo ngati boma amakhala ndi thumba landalama zoendesela chilichose mu dziko BUDGET ndipo amasignilana ku paliament. Komaso ife ngat amalawi sitizasiya kudzudzula boma lomwe likulamulira chifukwa wina aliyese akamapanga kampen manifesto yake amati azathesa mabvuto onse mu dziko koma akangowina amayamba kuona kuti zinthuzi sizoseweres akatero zimamukabika malonjezo ake anthu awa si owabakira kumbuyo amakhala akudya ndalam za ife pangavute bwanji mmalawi izi aziwe mumakakamizidwa kupereka misonkho pachilichose. Koma ndalamazo sizimaoneka komwe zikupita mankhwala muzipatala amasowa boma ka Pitala lonweli limafuna kugulisa chipatala chaboma.
      Nde brother anthu awa ndachabechabe.Mmbuyomo anthu ankanamizidwa kut apasidwa nsapato zaulele fetereza kunamizidwa kuti apasidwa chimanga nu nthawi yanjala ndikunena muluzi amene koma ife timaimbira mmanja

  93. guyz akutitola and ndizosatheka muthu oti anakulira kunja kulamulira khenge dziko lathu mwina akuona kut malaw ali mwa kale pano anthu anapenya patali simwakaleso ayi asamale ine ndingompatsa 2dayz monga ine nsodzi kulephera kupita ku nyanja becouz of electr kkkkkkkk

  94. This thing of bushiri really my malawi it will go round and round then it will come back to us and hit hard to our back side. I do understand that we are desperate for better electricity but to involve bushiri into it. It’s a big mistake, I would choose blackout the whole of my life than to get a cent from this man. This man will make the lives of all Malawians miserable once we get his money. Government is got enough money to solve the problem . To pay back his money will also be an issue because he will need blood not hard cash and people will dying like chickens I believe.

    1. I like people who come openly and say the fact like what you did here. Let’s open our eyes MALAWI you will regret this for sure. I totally agree with you sister.

    2. I don’t know why we have ignorant people like you. The issue is your government has failed so someone with business mind want to give his suggestions your just thinking of satanic or blood sucking. Don’t forget he is Malawian too. About his prophecy just leave and wait for God judgment same as u waiting for

    3. Martius George Phiri I object the idea of getting the money from Bushiri with my reasons and for being a citizen of the country I have got the right to contribute to my country. If you think I am ignorant you just missing the point, put your money on the table I will be the first to support that the Escom must take the money but not from Bushiri please!!!!

    4. ESCOM is a profit making entity. Why should we involve Bushiri as if the company gives us free electricty? The revenue they get from selling electricity is enough to provide electricity for us. By involving Bushiri it means that we are happy to see government plundering resources at ESCOM.

    5. This is why we will never develoo people still have old theiories if ur rich then your a witch or satanism lets woke up malawi and work hard it is possible

    6. Thats nosense if it is like that go out of Malawi n choose country that will accept to stay with un civilized person like you.him has been investing in foreign country but there is no such stupt ideas that you are talking.maybe you are not a Malawian thats y you r speaking nosense.if government allow him I say booom.lastry but not list if u dont have problem with blackout shutup ur mouth n let those who know the importance of having electricity to speek

    7. so you would rather have us be in blackouts? when there is a possible solution are you out of your mind? please if it works just cut of the escom powerline.

    8. some months ago escom said they collected 12billion from customers,was it not enuogh to boost power in the country,its just love for money from our leaders not development.

    9. Joseph Phonela Charlie Londalonda escom is got enough money to solve this problem bro don’t piss off with my suggestion. If you really that bad then match to escom easy as a,b,c. Remember I have a freedom to say what I like

    10. I agree with u….me 2 am not interested gov got too much money xothela ma workshop ndi ma allawance u thy can’t put in escom …..bring while escom is a triple profit company maker…thy have the money….on their self iwonder y bushiri crys to help with his money ofuna kuthandixidwa ndi amene amakagwadwa Ku thandixo BT its opposite…guys open ur eyes and sees for the Lov of the money is the root of evil…… Nothing to say…CX wr poor and our opinion eil remain useless….not only Malawi witch is a facing blackout check Congo…Burundi…..Tanzania………the same stuff…eny way God bless our nation…..

    11. Fear of the Lord is the begining of knowledge. Fear of the Devil is the begining of stupidity. Do not run away from Problems but conquer them. A hero faces a challenge and defeat. Yours Is A Cowardice Idea. #MYOPINION.COM

    12. All I can say is ur wrong sisi. U say if someone can come with the money to help escom u will welcome it bt not bushiri. That’s whr ur wrong. Nd someone say escom is Making alot of money then wher is the money? Now to my side I think if he can invest his money to escom. Those government gurus want hv alot of power to say wht eva they wnt the profit that escom will be makin. AMalawi iys time to think deep pankhani yokhuza dziko we are all malawians we can not say its better to be in blackout rather than his money

    13. Its a sign of end time, Love of money, Bushiri loves money, Govt officials loves money, Escom board members loves money.

      Its only benificiallies suffers

    14. Retarded pipo….with no visions…no eyes to see and ears to talk like small children!! Full of hatred and envey….no wonder you gonna perish for lack of knowledge ….high time those small eyes opened up….isiiiiii

    15. Bad people have taken advantage of our economy stealing our hard earned money to enrich themselves. How can we patriotic when those who are supposed to lead are plundering our resources?

    16. We have to pray hard.The devil is at work.So many accidents have been happening for the first time in this year in our country.Sacrifice.

    17. Licky Çhîmzy you are 100% right. Other people they don’t care about the consequences that this man might bring in our country with his money. People can call me names but on this one( Bushiri ) I will not resist

    18. Osadandaula major 1 ndi mtumiki watumidwa ndimulungu kuti athetse vuto lamagetsili ndi kuphaso mndyelekezi yemwe akuzimitsa magetsiyo.

    19. Magetsi omweo adzakhetsa magazi a anthu. Nyumba zidzangopsya anthu onse kupsyera mmwemo miracle magetsi atakwiya. Ndigule generator basi. Ndikhale ndi Escom wanga wanga mnyumba

    20. Who r u to judge? Are u the granddaughter of God, so that you have been given authority to judge Bushiri? Remember the way you judge others,God will also judge u

    21. She speaks of hardcore facts dats all……bushiri has money n helps but he is not a person to trust ….call jugdin or whatever but if u do nt knw…..christians do hold a right to judge against false preachers in accordance with their works…… point is dat this major one’s intension maybe mischievious…..!!!?

    22. Ndikuvomerezana nawe hope chimperu if the gvt agree this, it’s not the gvt hu is going to pay back but us, “we” Malawians wake up people of God don’t let the ? rule us avoid Bushiri’s moneyoooooo

    23. pple dont fight each kuposa oipayo let keep up end aprecite if one want to bring change if u believe in God will protect to the end

    24. Guys, let’s be fair here do not judge anyone, this man Bushiri is also a human being whether you like it or not someone must do something for power, this is the only way of developments many tools this days needs power to work.

    25. Kuonesetsa zikukuyankhulitsa zonsedzi ndi nsanje you don’t know what Bushiri is doing but you conclude he is having dirty money,that typical Malawian I know.

    26. Madam HHope ur very right 100%, this man so called Bushiri has attacked the minds of many malawians. The big challenge facing malawi its poverty, thats why they are just accepting “nyasi” Since that time Malawi started facing strange & questionable road accidents,what help has he offered to this nation? Not even a prayer…if he is a “major one” what is he majoring? Majoring road accidents to get blood..Living in Blackouts its better rather than the help which will cost innocent peoples blood

    27. Its surprising going thru the comments for both for and against. The person who has posted this seems to know what she/he is talking abt. Can the one who has offered to solve this blackout problem tell clear us on these fears and be open on anyterms of ur offer and tell us if this is longterm or short term solution. To my fellow Malawians,electricity is a problem yes and everybody knows it and its our that the problem will one day be solved. In 2014 some pple told us the have solved this same problem but now here we are. This Man was born here, grewup here b4 he left this country we know his history, my only question to him is where will u get the money which u will help us with, are there third parties behind u who will help u?

    28. Its surprising going thru the comments for both for and against. The person who has posted this seems to know what she/he is talking abt. Can the one who has offered to solve this blackout problem tell clear us on these fears and be open on anyterms of ur offer and tell us if this is longterm or short term solution. To my fellow Malawians,electricity is a problem yes and everybody knows it and its our that the problem will one day be solved. In 2014 some pple told us the have solved this same problem but now here we are. This Man was born here, grewup here b4 he left this country we know his history, my only question to him is where will u get the money which u will help us with, are there third parties behind u who will help u?

    29. No prophet gets respect in his home land. People chose to ignore assistance from within and cry to other countries,why! take out pride. African countries are being blessed from a prophet born in our country yet fellow Malawian call him fake why? If you humble yourself God will lift you up

  95. guyz akutitola and ndizosatheka muthu oti anakulira kunja kulamulira khenge dziko lathu mwina akuona kut malaw ali mwa kale pano anthu anapenya patali simwakaleso ayi asamale ine ndingompatsa 2dayz monga ine nsodzi kulephera kupita ku nyanja becouz of electr kkkkkkkk

  96. Ife timadabwatu bushiri akat atere dziko langa osakondwa naye mpaka ndege yomwe amakwera pobwera kumuz kuno idalesedwa kulowa dziko muno,,,chidabwisa kwaka nthawi yochepa anthu tavutika kuno nkupopedwa magaz, ngakhale boma limat zilibe umbon posakhalisaxo tazimvera tokha bushiri akuyamikira Peter the Malawian president kut ndikatundu maz,lero wabweraxo poyera kut akhoza kutheza mavuto akuzima zima-zima kwa magetsi lero ndiawa a Escom avomereza kut akhoza kuchita mmenga angathere bola vutoro lithe,sayenda awiri asadapangane,God bless Malawi ,tiza

  97. Ja he is milking SA here in jozi but i dont blame him if people are to blind to see u can play with their minds so good luck boy invest in your country while stupid SA citizens are busy drinking so called holly water lol

    1. You can say that again it’s amazing how people can be manipulated so easily , it’s as if they stop thinking for themselves as if they are hypnotised

    2. #lizzie i won’t shut up myb is bcz i dont drink the holly water u need to understand that we can not be coward all together some us we cn differentiate miracles and magics so i wl speak my mind whether u like it or not u wont shut me down myb is bcz bath by clean water not mixed with so called anointing oil from monkey fats

  98. For d time being we just need more electricity,fed up of these #nonStop blackouts…..24 hrs continuous blackouts in this era,completely #ridiculous n #unacceptable!!By hook or by crook,we just need electricity,that’s it.12 hrs is ok,let it be 15 hrs But 24 hours

  99. My fellow Malawians, I can reveal that I am the only one who knows Bushiri’s plan. So here it is; just type “amen” now now now and all electricity blackouts will be a thing of the past! There yah go!

  100. My prophet if you can do that to ESCOM I hope and believe in the name of Jesus you can do the same to help the people of Mzimba to build a bridge at Chakazi. Our MPS’ are passing there and government officials but nothing is happening.

  101. Let’s not yet celebrate so fast. If you read the link. The meeting is not recorded. Escom asked him for proposal like presentation. That is not a donation but investment. So it might be buying majority shares or loan with interest. Technical escom will point the problem and work out how much is needed for project. Then they will brain storm possible solutions before coming to final solution. Then implement the project into action. As far as I know commercial company like escom will look on long term solution. So this means even if they agree to finish building generators will take 3 years to 5 years. I doubt if the solution can be sorted in few months. Because the question still remain why are we having this blackout and how are we going to end it. Bushiri will pump cash(investing) but how are we going to generate power in short period.

    1. That is impossible. If you say he can pump cash in for investing in 48 hrs yes. But to end blackout in 48hrs no no. You need to understand that the current generators are old and they were designed to accommodate that old time population. Now lot of people are using electricity and we have plenty factories ,companies that are introduced now. Let’s wait and see.

    2. Chiti chimene anakwanitsa joycho? Ngati anakwanitsa kuthetsa hw come in jst 2years vutolo nkumapitilirabe meaning it’s matter of politics then

    3. Yes this is political game. But the fact is all these past leaders they knew about this but none of them came up with a long term solution. What is needed is to build a new generator with will meet the demand of people. That’s is a problem and that project will need billions or trillions. But the government cannot afford they end up coming will quick and short term. As for Bushiri he knows that he can afford to bail out with cash, like buying majority shares. Same like RSA was having the same problem and they sold some of the shares and built Medupi power station to add what was already running. I bet you the problem can’t be sorted in 2 days(48hrs) . Never that is impossible.

    4. The escom guys say that the problem is water in Lake Malawi, so do u think Bushiri can replace water in the Lake? Who is he?? If he can pray to the same God that we all know, then why can’t we just pray as well and solve the problem? You think God listens to him only?? Come on, wake up malawi.

    5. The escom guys say that the problem is water in Lake Malawi, so do u think Bushiri can replace water in the Lake? Who is he?? If he can pray to the same God that we all know, then why can’t we just pray as well and solve the problem? You think God listens to him only?? Come on, wake up malawi.

  102. Tiziona,koma kumbukani 2012-2014 dzikoli lidali mmanja mwa wa satanic mai Joyce Banda,kwa amene akukumbuka kodi tinadzavutika za magetsi kwa two years imene ija? Nde uyu ndi wamkulu mwa asatanawo timuone kt athana nazo bwanji?koma wanena mochedwa mvula yasala pang’ono iyi,nde osati ikagwa adziti mwaomatu mulungu wayakha pepho langa ayi,mwaichi zili kwaifenso a malawi,chomwe tingaziwe nachi by 2030 above some of african’s countries will never be hydro electric energy for sure,nde ifeyo tisanamizidwe kut chipani ichi chidzathetsa vutoli ayi,and kumuda APM ndi vuto lalikulu,iye ndi peter osati Shire muthalika,nangano Chakwera iye politician amene malawi diso tikumisudzumira, akukanika pati kupanga zoti awachite impress amalawi?and ndichifukwanji sakuonetsa phamvu yake?iye amatha kunyoza basi koma kuchita njee,ndimakimbuka maso phenya a Joyce Banda,adali kumayambitsa ma project yet ali munthu wamba ndichifukwa Bingu adamusakha kukhala vice,Inuyo man chakwerA mungofuna kutiputsitsa basi ndipo ife si ana ayi,bushiri ingopanga za magetsi basi usatizembere kumbuyo sungadzawine,Peter nawe ngati ukufuna kulamulaso kwaniritsa zomwe udawalonjedza amalawi apo biiiii BAKILI MULUZI timusakhe akhale life president mbite…..

  103. Mpasen utsogoleri wasatanic yo mmayesa zikukulakan kulamulira dziko timangomva tu a mbc mukut dziko adzilamulira ma professor lero ndi izi akusowa mano mkamwa

  104. Kkkkkkk yalephela boma lija kulongosola vuto palokha lero atenga mwala okanidwa uja ndiwo ukaikidwa pangodya mmati mungatani inu tsono panaliso chimfumu chinachake chongolowelela zaweni lero chilino kukamwa yasa

    1. Nanu, mulimbana ndi boma mpaka liti?? tamalankhulani za ESCOM osati za boma ai. ESCOM Ndi company payokha ngati ikulephela ndiye ndi ESCOM yo osati boma ai. ku ESCOM boma limangopeza misonkho chabe. komasotu bushili mudzifuse kuti mathetsedwe akunenawotu ndikuibweleka ESCOM ndalama.

    2. Escom paja akulu ndiyoima payokha eti tandikumbutsaniko mwina ine ndaiwala ine sindikulimbananalo boma ai iweyo boma ungalimbanenalo moti komano ilolo boma ndilo limakhala likulimbana ndi anthu ake

    1. God wont bring electric-city lol its those mafckrs iresponsibility draining money and trying to blame it on… ehh well .. and yet he is so highly un educated and holds the lowest educatated degree but cant think errr.. must be a chicken lol

    2. I heard a big tall white man saying Africans are big kids and can not run their countries I guess he was right . If you cant deal with keeping lights on then how about strong economy. Errr too complex…

  105. Vuto ndiloti mu ESCOM muli anthu a ndale, of which sizoyenera kutelo,Magetsi siopangira ndale pls,magetsi siopangira campaign!!!! Kungobwera ma company ena kuti ESCOM isiye ndale nkuyamba kupanga provide magetsi kwa ma customers awo moyenerera.

  106. Zoseketsa komaso zopatsa chidwi kwambiri moti ndithudi boma kupempha nthandizo kwa munthu wa mdziko lomwero? Nanga president yu ntchito yake ndi chani?

  107. ma engeneers a escom achosedwe alephera sukulu yawo ndiyachabe bola ine mbuli ndintha kuganizapo yakho mwansangansanga, za bushilizo mulungu yekha nde akuziwa bola isakhale mbola.

  108. Where is the President?anyway this blackout in Malawi is compared to the dream of king Nebbkatinezer Whereby he invite diffrent magicians to interplate the dream They failled just untill Daniel came in.all the ministers hav failled the opposition president has failled mayb Bushiri will save you frm this blackout Zikavuta will invite aku headquarter. All in all the opposition has failled to giv solutions today wat next do we want from them failure in advance Ivn if we vote for them nothing will change.

  109. Bushiriali ndindalama guys vuto lathu amalawi munthu akalemera timamutchula wa satanic akakhala kuti munthuyo ali ndi bussiness ndipo bussiness yake ikumuyebdera bwino timati ali ndi makhwala koma tidziwe kuti bushiri ali ndi ma investment ake ambiri kunoko ku south africa and munthuyi kumbali ya bussiness ndiolimbikira so mulungu amadalitsa kwa iye ali olimbikira he can change kodi mayi Joice Banda anasitha bwanji zithu zina ndi zina in 3 minths? vuto lakula kwathu ndiloti akumipando lakula ndidyera zikapezeka ndalama amathamangira.kumsika kuma account awo apapa ndikutha kuona kuti bushiri adzikangwila yekha tchitoyo tiyeni timupatse mpata basi zikamukanika ndipomwe tidzaine pachulu ndikumuseka koma chofunika ndikungwirana manja tonse amalawi kuti vutoli lithe imagine kuno ku south africa alibe mangetsi awoawo amadalira kumozambique koma mangetsi za zima chinawamba boma linapatsidwatu mpata oti atha kutenga mangetsi from mozambique koma boma lanulo linati ndalama ilibe vuto lalikulu our president alibe madonor owathandiza apapa tiyeni tonse tisangalale kuti donor wathuwathu wapezekano taonani munthawi yanjala inja bushiri amayesetsa kuthandiza koma amalawi tomwefe timamunyoza kumutukwana yet munthawi imene inja boma limati lilibe ndalama ndalama zitapezeka anamuthamangitsa bushiri mwachipongwe mapeto ake achina chaponda ndalama zinja anadya so pakuyakhula nthawi zina amalawi tidzinganiza

  110. Ever since I have not been a fan of Bushiri but on this point I can’t just critizise anything from him. We got to think of Dying innocent souls in Hospitals due to Electricity Hiccups. We can’t just always wake up on the wrong side of the bed. We as Malawians must learn to call something which is black to be black and something which is White to be White. With no strings attached to Him, I have no problem with the pending Development from Him. ESCOM must have Two or three more competitors then they Will wake up and start Embracing the Nation at Large.

    1. Listen Brenda kachulu, Jesus Christ had to pick up his own cross. So everyone including you have your own cross to carry to Calvary. Bushiri will answer his own charges. By the way even me myself am not his follower but am commenting on Malawi 24 news. In any way if he has a clue to bail Malawi out of Electricity Dilemmas then let him do it.

  111. Very funny the whole escom plus pitala and his DPP administration have run out of ideas on how solve black outs, why cant just they bow and consult pp administration on how they managed solve black in short period instead on taking malawians for granted by looking for miracle energy in 48hrs…..kkkk

  112. Escom just want money from Bushiri there’s no any solution he can bring to Escom. You want to tell me that, bushiri has more money to solve Escom’s problems than Government? Please wake-up Malawians the big problem in Malawi is: the loosing Value of our Kwacha, nothing will come right unless we have to agree to use ” other countries currencies” like Rands, Pula or American dollar or Pounds. We will pay back with interest per each currency. Zimbabwe and Mozambique did when their situations came to ours. To introduce K5.000.00 in one paper is not a joke it means the country has kneel-down on the ground. The only issue here for now is to accept that ” s’hlulekile” we have failed to run our country.

    1. Nkhani yoseketsa kwabasi, komaso yopatsa chidwe zeedi moti ndithudi boma boma kupempha thandizo kwa munthu wa mdziko momwemo? Kkkkk

    2. Mr petulo anatinamiza kut ali ndi ndalama moti atha kuyendetsa dziko kwa zaka ziwiri or more ndi cash ya m’thumba mwawo…nde zilikut pano…???hahahaa bushiri cash alinayo aise ndipo solution ilipo zitengera mmene angagwiritsilire ntchito ka ndalamako a escom paja musaiwale atha kuikanso mmatumba mwawo

  113. It dosnt min Escom dosnt hv enof funds,Com onn guys wer doz ol th monies we paying to Escom Go?vhuto kuba kwambli mazibwanawo,Jus let th so kolld Prophet buy Escom n kick or suck oll th bug guys ayambileso 1,kapena ayambitse yake company yamagetsi so that Escom can hv a competitor koz akuyelekedwa knowing thy r th only ones,ife tatopa guys bkoz apa it shows kuti our government hz failed us

  114. Remember Bushiri is aprofit not the prophet. He know where to invest and syphone more income into his person account. It wont help coz the only source is Shire which water is getting lower. kaya mwina poti adzaonjera madzi modzizwitsa kkkkkk

    1. Kodi ngakhale atawonjezera madzi modzizwitsa, azidzapitamo tsiku ndi tsiku kumachotsamo matope ndi anamasupuni zomwe zimapangitsa kutseka madzi kuti machine asamagwire bwino ntchito?

  115. Malawians malawians very stupid pipo. Menne dzuwa likuwaliramu osanganiza zokolola mphavu ya dzuwa kumagodadaula magetsi magetsi! Dziko lizatha losauka ili. Coz kulibe oganiza mwa technology kumagodikilira wina azakuthadizeni basi. Kodi okuthadizanio akuthadizani pakana liti?

    1. What he is saying is true escom was supposed to use their brains and come up with other means of generating electricity apart from hydro, of which we have plenty of solar energy if not too much. Ruanda did it so why can’t we do the same?

    2. Nde iweyo osakolora bwanji kuti ugawireko wena Kodi mukamangoti Malawians stupid people which country do you belong to? Aren’t you a Malawian? Fokofu malankhulidwe amenewa amandikwana hvy. If we are stupid why r u backing up the Idea of involving Bushiri instead of saying that u can do it… therefore nonse mukuti we Malawians are stupid I think u have potential to eradicate this problem then mukumane nonse musonkherane muthandize escom ineyo za Bushiriyo nde ayi zoti tizizalira nkhwangwa ili mmutu zimenezo ayiiiiiiiiii.

    3. Nde mmene iliri nkhaniyi pamenepa pali chifukwa choti anyozere amalawi calling them very stupid as if mai ake ndiaku zimbabwe??ukanayamba kutchula bambo ako nd mai ako stupid coz sanakwanitse kukolora mphamvu ya dzuwayo

    4. Kkkkk am nt a malawian. Kupepha ndikudikila kuthadizidwa kuzakuphani. 18million pipo waiting one person in de name of president 2 bring development, is zat nt stupid? Dzuwa likugowala osachita kathu kumagonyoza basi. Kamuzu banda established Bunda college over 40yrs ago but u r still importing vegetables is zat nt stupid enough? U ve well educated pipo who doesn’t want 2 take challenging positions, why musicians, footballers and reverends r mp? Dot u ve pipo who ve degrees in political science? What r they doing? Very stupid pipo and shameless

    5. #crisHenry kkkkk inuyo okuthanu, azerunu what ve u done 2 your country as a gd English speaker? Coz of my comment u want 2 b my English teacher! Kkkkk with pipo lik u for sure Malawi can’t develop, blaming game 4 nothing. Am a Portuguese speaker. Wake up malawians!

    6. No wonder Malawi samatukuka loosing forecast, kutukwana ndi kunyoza coz of nsanje. Tell me 10 richest pipo in Malawi, kodi ndi angati anakafica ku university? Pls osamachozana pa social network kumagobwera ndi fundo basi. Tizapindulanji pakutukwnana chifukwa chosiyana maganizo. #crishenry. Kumadikila kulandila chitukuko basi kkkkkkk

  116. Kkkkkkk waiting to see how their mou will look like. Frankly speeking Dpp has given it a nod. Escom on their own can not give a go ahead. His vote for Dpp has spoken. Bola ayake mawa eti!

  117. Remember one thing that u should know (((Major1 is not a politics person ))) but he want to help the country without kuyang’ana chipani or mtundu wamunthu!!

    1. Let me remind you, last week Bushiri said he will vote for Dpp 2019. Can’t you remember? Which mean Bushiri is belong’s to this party

  118. The guy is clever!!! At first, Malawi govt rejected his offer hopefully thinking that the govt would have sank so low to be assisted by the flamboyant prophet who is popular and may be harbouring some political ambitions…. Now he just wake up one day kidding with his members of congregation that he is supporting the current corrupt regime which has lost a sense of direction and betrays himself by even suggesting that the Mutharika’s administration has done tremendous job ( thats treason of course) and the govt now concedes and gives him a go ahead…… Bushiri you’re a man of the moment and show this corrupt regime which calls itself the masters by showing them that you’re the Grand Master Major One!!!!!!

    1. Mwana ndi wanzeru zonzama uyu.kungoti ine ndidzabvutera dpp,pompo pompo kumuuzilatu kuti ndiwe omasuka utha kupanga chilichonse chomwe ungafune kupanga kuno ku malawi.kkkkkkkkkkk(dpp)??????????????

  119. Apa sidzitathauza kuti boma larephere ai .kodi mumadziwa kuti omwe amapereka ngongore mziko kapena mumaiko ndiathu munamvapo kuti mbuzi yapereka ngongore kuziko la malawi kapena kwina .kungoti athuo amakhala mumagulu ndiye guluro amalipasa zina .umburi bwanji sukutha pamalawi ngati iye angathe kutero musiye apange mvuto palibe apa ai . Mukunena inu ndalama mulinazo tchito kumangira ndikugulira mahure nyumba zodura pamene abare anu akumvutika uku .

  120. Chakwera and others, bwanji? Alibe the way out of electricity problems? Apa tikuwona munthu uja ankanyozeka uja and lero akufuniwa!! Let’s be patient and nobody knows tomorrow

    1. koditu ndalama athandize bushilizo ngati angathandizedi ku ESCOM si ulele ai. imakhala ngongole adzipeleka wa ESCOM pang’ono pang’ono. nawe ukuti bushili amkamukana piter kodi zifukwa zomwe amamukanila iwe ukuzidziwa?? COMPANY ya ESCOM si ya piter ai kapenaso DPP. olemphela ndi wa ESCOM wo.

    2. Amene akuyenera kuthana ndi mavuto a magetsi ndi amene akulamulira osati Chakwera ayi. Bushiri wabwera kudzapanga business osati kupereka magetsi aulere

    3. Jafali Milanzie Umatha ase kwakula nkupusa anthuwa learn to fear God not anybody akufuna azilemekeza munthu chifukwa cha ndalama zake! who is he? only God who will all our needs man!

  121. Chief Lundu and some DPP members says that this Prophet is promoting Satanism here in Malawi but now its about to control the electricity scheme.Malawi politics needs mentorship sure!

  122. W@ a shame u mean Escom cant afford to buy the so-called machine to generate power? where does the Billions u get go? MONOPOLY CANT BRING DEVLPMENT#Hypocrites

  123. After Bushiri comes to your rescue, if you try to raise the bills, we will March violently across the country and you instead pay for that.

  124. Ayi ngati mwaganiza choncho mwachita bwino siyeni munthu wa mulungu alongosole zinthu anthu amzeru zawo inu mwangotcholera ndala za Escom matumba anu akakomza sadzamve kuti taonjezera ndalama zamagetsi kuti azidura paja mkulutu mzeru mzopelewera

  125. I know Malawians coz am one of them, apapa we are welcoming the solution but in one condition, akazangot akupilirabe ma blackout mmmmh kaya……
    asangoima pachulu ulere

  126. Do not forget that Dausi said magetsi a ku Malawi ngakhale patabwera mngelo sangasinthe. Ndiye ngati Bushiri ayatse ndi kusintha zinthu, tinena kuti Bushiri is greater than an angel? Dausi samala ndi pakamwa pako.

  127. then president osusa wazilonda must also oppose anangokula mano bas

    we nid solutions on our table not argument

    big move bushiri

    ppl must watch tv now

  128. Head line mwalakwitsa its suppose to be goverment welcomes bushiri electricity solution.not escom bola larephera bax bushiri woyee

  129. mental problem….all ur engineers have
    failled, …..u deserve to be fired, so that new knowledge can help in suistaining … afraid inu a escom zozimisa zili mumagazi anu, which mean muzazisabe even if no power shortage………mwazolowera inu , mukanapuna……………………….

  130. ESCOM its a sitatutory cooperation, if the ESCOM board members agreed to offer bushiri that chance, then no need for president’s say here since the board is also accountable to him, apawo ndi mizu ya kachere amakumana pansi

    1. Musanafunse solution ya leader of opposition mukanafunsa ya pitala kuti yake ndi iti. Mmene anayambila muja kuti ma generator mpaka pano sizikutheka. Komanso boma lanuli a opposition akapelaka maganizo ao pakayendesedwe ka dziko sagwiritsa ntchito kuopa anthu aziti ndi coppycat.

    2. You put money were they is your mouth. This guy will buy share and rescue escom. Its not like he is donating by it’s investing. But for me I don’t think this will happen in 1month or so. Remember its a project that will need procedure like planning, survey, engineering, electricians to see the solutions then put in action

  131. People dont get what Bushiri is saying. This clearly shows he’s interested in investing in energy, he is not throwing money into escom. A great business person we have. But if he has the ability and funds why not, all the praises he was he was singing about the government, it was just songs to let Mutharika relax his muscles.The guy has an eye of an eagle when it comes to which areas to invest.

  132. welcome Escom keep it up!!!!! he is a Malawian Let him do it!!! we need Malawian who thinks of their country like these one!! Mchinji guys together with Bushiri keep it up

    1. Ubwino waketu wanena yekha akuti Mchinji guys, akuti kunyadira zoti mawa nzakeyo azafunapo phindu pamenepo ayi iye sakudziwa. Mchinji guys let him do not Malawi, tangoganiza dzulo anzako ayenda ulendowawo wandawala koma anthu osakwana 70 tangoganiza? Page iyi ili ndi anthu opitilira 70 amene akulankhula zakuzima kwamagetsi, koma bwanji sanapite onse kukayenda kuwonetsa kuti ali okwiya?

    2. Wake up malawi!!! Think what comes after. Zikukanika munthu womwe akulamulila,akunya ndikukodza ufulu wathu iye chingansangalase ndichan kuti azipeleke chonchi? I disagree this nonsense

    3. Inu a Jafali zionesero tikapanga ngat sipapezeka ndalama vuto litha? kodi komwe ku!achokera ndalama za mabungwe, Mayiko mumaziwako chifukwa chiyani simumazikana? Edwin Malawi ndziko komwe linasala Bushiri and other sons of Malawi sanathandize!! kod mayiko amuno my Africa including SA omwe athndzidwa nd ndalama za anthuwa MISONzI yao alikut? Bertha dzikolonse lapansi pamachitika ngonzi not in Malawi only and anthu akuno akuchita ngozi chifukwa cha ma driver takumbukila ngoz zachika mbuyomu basi yonyamula anthu 75 imapezeka ndi anthu 97 pamenepa tiziti vuto ndani? (mizimu yao iuse muntendele)!!! ngoz yomwe yachitika pompano IJA driver kusiya nseu yabwino kupita wina just bcoz kuthwa a police ndpo amathwa chifukwa chani kusonye kut sakuyenera kuyenda panseu kapena anaphwanya malamulo tinene vuto ndi ndani? Franco ndye tatiuzeni komwe mukatenge ndalama zokonzera mavutowa kut tisazazindikile patsogolo? positive attitude and thinking positively will build Malawi!! together we can!!! Malawians are rich but the country is poor bcoz of our negative feedback, impact, thinking, believes. lets help Malawi, She needs our efforts let’s raise up our flag not someone who is not a Malawian should do it for us!!! we can do it!! let’s love our beautiful Motherland Malawi!! let’s reinforce those who have possibilities to raise our Mother Malawi!! pliz pliz pliz don’t pull them down pliz!!! MULUNGU DALISANI MAYI MALAWI

    4. Mr kunthemba no one can run the country alone ngat muli ndi maganizo amenewo OUR MOTHER MALAWI will never develop!! ngat inu muthandiza MAYI MALAWI azasintha posadikilira andale kut azitukwanizana, kunyozana pomwe MAYI MALAWI akulira/kuvutika!! tangoganizani kodi Magetsi abweresa zitukuko zingat MYUMBA YA MAYI MALAWI?? Anthu ayamba zionesero kufuna Magetsi kodi magetsi omwe akufuna ndiati siomwewa akufuna atithandizewa!! ndye mwina akweze misonkho kut tipeze magetsi? be positive!! help MOTHER MALAWI

    5. january timavakuti escom yatolera 12billion mk kodi sakadapangila boost mphavu yamagetsi,mojar1 or apeleke chumacho magetsi ayaka tsikulose dzikolose?

    6. pamenepa Mr Gwazeni ndpomwe tingazindikile kut ngakhale amatolera ndalamazo sizmagwira ntchito Ku magetsi kokha ayi!!! the Only thing is tikuyenera kutenga mbali Ife a Malawi ainyake choncho muzaona kut tzasamala chuma chathu ngat mwina chinthucho koma akapanga wina tizagwirisa ntchito mongot bola chapezeka, let’s love MOTHER MALAWI she is our MOTHER!! TIYENI TIMUTHANDIZE NGAT NZIKA/ANA AKE!! TONSE PAMODZI TITHA KUTUKULA MALAWI

    7. You are mostly welcome major 1,,,zinkandiwawa kwabr kuona Akulu Akulu oyendetsa boma, kusakuvomereza kutengapo mbali pothandiza dziko lathu LA Malawi ngati kuti suwuri nzika yathu yomwe,,,but now am very Happy to hear this good news, coz with our positive attitude we can easily build our beloved country,,,,, so do it and keep it up major

    8. Zoonad abwere escom imayenera kumayendesedwa ngat a real buznss…pompa tinali nd issue ya genset mpaka pano sikuoneka xogolo a2 kumangokokanakokana kuzilowesa ndale….. Khan xi ya mpingo apa nd bznss

  133. not interesting @ all coz u dnt even knw th cost en u r here rejoicing over ur own destruction

    1. Patrick ukufusa ngati sukudziwa zomwe Bushiri ali bwanji? Mukulorabe zolakwika zidze mdziko mwanu and pomaliza mukuona ngati mudzakhala mumtendere? Utengenso Bible lero uwerenge bwino zomwe mau akunena za masiku awa, Solution ya magetsi si Bushiri and ndinakamba kale izi chifukwa chosazindikira ambiri mulowa munzinthu zomwe zikuoneka ngati zabwino malingana ndi vuto la umphawi and m’mene muzidzazindikira idzakhala mochedwa mutagulitsidwa kwa Lucifer,kapena mndani amene amafesa osakolora??? Tsono mukuona ngati Bushiri atati wapanga izi adzapeza profit yanji?

    2. nzabwinobwino,izi #edwin masiku otsiriza alakwa chani? kodi mesa munthu akufuna kuthandiza? kodi iweyo zovala zomwe umavala, zakudya zomwe umadya, umadziwa komwe zimachokera?? mumamuopa Bushiri choncho chifukwa ndiochita bwino? Baibulo silinati aneneri onse amasiku otsiriza ndionyenga, olo atakhala onyenga onse nkhani ili apa ndi ya magetsi.. chabwino tiona ngati inu mutapange anu magetsi

    3. Edwin inu muli ndi Evidence kuti he is devilish kapena the rumours consumed you..heavy…ife tifuna magesi apa and i doubt if souls are sold to the so called devil…

    4. Kennedy ndi nnzakoyo akudzitcha Mulungu yo,ndati ndikuwuzeni ichi,ngati muli mdziwe limodzi novuta kuti mumve zochitika komanso mayankho anu kwa munthu ozindikira akudziwa muzomwe nanu muli. Ukafune evidence really? Mndani sakumdziwa Bushiri,ndipo Bible linakamba kale kuti mudzawadziwa ndi zinctito zawo ndipo zinaonekera kale ndipo sitisowanso kanthu kena. Zochita za Pastor wanuyo nzonyenga akubisalira pa dzina la Mulungu iye analowako kale and Mulungu yo anamkana natsata za dziko ili ndipo akudziwa mphoto yake pa zomwe iye akuchita.

    5. No body knows what bushiri has in mind its not good to just judge just like that..yet u know nothing of what will happen..lets not be more concern ndi kulakwitsa kwa wina wake pamene nafe we are also sinners like him or her..y du yu hav tu see the bad in someone en yet ur failing tu fix the bad in u….lets just wait en see.
      If its evil God only knows that and thats our solution dont be too quick to judge

    6. am nt judging any1 here,am jst reminding u ppo dat nothn comz/goz 4 free so we bter watch our steps carefuly othr wyz,,,,th devil z lyk a rolng lion lukn 4 sme1 to devour,en dnt let dat sme1 to b u & i

  134. i did not read the post but i think you ask to know the meaning of wedding…here it is A Wedding is a gatthering where two people are thinking about sex and the rest are thinking about food.

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