Electricity demos will solve nothing – Govt


Malawi Government has said demonstrations which Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) have organised in Lilongwe will not  end blackouts.

Minister of information and communication technology Nicholas Dausi made the remarks on Monday and he also accused CSOs of being hypocritices following their decision to hold demostrations in Lilongwe.

Dausi: It’s a waste of time and resources.

Dausi who is also government spokesperson  told local media that CSOs know the issues that have led to power challenges that Malawians are facing hence they should encourage Malawians to source ways of how they can curb the problem of electricity in the country.

Dausi said CSOs must be at the forefront  encouraging people to plant more trees and conserve the already exisiting  vegetation to reverse the current situation of drying rivers.

“Demostrations will solve nothing, it’s a waste of time and resources.

“These CSO leaders  are hypocrites, ill-informed and lack substance in the aproach of very important issue that concern Malawians,” he said

“Let them go to the citizenry and encourage them to plant more trees to reverse the current situation where rivers are drying up due to deforestration,” Dausi added.

A letter that the Civil Society Organisations have released says  they will hold demostrations in Lilongwe to push government to act on the  electricity  problems that have engulfed Malawi.

However, Dausi said the government is rehabilitating Kapichira and Tedzani hydro power  stations to curb the challenge and there are plans to construct Mpatamanga gorge hydro-power in finding solutions to  the electricity challenges.

CSOs demos led by human rights defender Billy Mayaya, have been scheduled for Wednesday 8th November.

The protests will start from Area 18 round city centre round about to civic centre.

These reactions have emerged  few days after oposition party leader Lazarus Chakwera accused President Peter Mutharika of sleeping on duty.

Chakwera in his speech stressed that Mutharika and his government are fond of deceiving Malawians as they lied that electricity problems will end a few days after Mutharika visited ESCOM offices.

148 thoughts on “Electricity demos will solve nothing – Govt

  1. This Government doesn’t have the welfare of its people at Heart but rather enrich themselves.

    How can a whole Government spokes person come publicly and make such a comment?

    This a National concern,

  2. I Wonder Y God Let Many Pple To Sufer Wth Only One Stupd Person.Oh My God Heel Our Mother Land,and Deal Wth All Leaders Makng Ths Nation To Face Problm.

  3. I Wonder Y God Let Many Pple To Sufer Wth Only One Stupd Person.Oh My God Heel Ny Mother Land,and Deal Wth All Leaders Makng Ths Nation To Face Problm.

  4. I Wonder Y God Let Many Pple To Sufer Wth Only One Stupd Person.Oh My God Heel Mother Land,and Deal Wth All Leaders Makng Ths To Face Problm.

  5. Wina akuti ali ndi ndalama zothetsera blackout hurricane and then u(govt) r advising pipo to think of ways of how to deal with the problem. Tiziganizaso chani solution yapezeka kale? Z it that u r jst used to thinking or wat? U r the same pipo who advise us to think of wat we cn do for our nation other thn waiting for a nation to do something for us; and nw someone has volunteered to do something for the nation, u r refusing to take the offer, instead u r further advising us kuti tidzale mitengo, komaa kkkkkk empty tins. Ine ndikudzalirani mtengo wa m’bawa chabwino, happy now??? Kkkkk

  6. Yeah, u r right #dausi; demos wont bring any change as of now (electric power stabilisation inclusive) bt come 2019, i believe those demos will take their effects kkkkk

  7. Malawi siina zolowere ma Demo.but it can help.it can make the gvt to do something immediately. or else to just alow Bushiri.to those who are saing Bushiri ndi wa satanic asamuloleze.kodi akamuloleza magesionso akhala asatanic?satanic ya Bushiri bola.kusiyana ndi kupha anthu ku stadium @ independent day.kupopa magazi.kupangisa ngozi ya asilikali plus bkack out.nde Bushiriyo anakupherani ndani anu?muganize bwino dont be dome(shouting)

  8. Just the same to say Dausi will not serve Malawians as a minister under Dpp government will mean nothing since he is still a minister….kkkkk. Dausi alleged cleverness is simply to see the other side of darkness.and not of light.. He can’t see anything amiss in our midst? Blackouts affecting our livelihood in the 20th century??? Big shame indeed to this vampire like thinker who feast on human blood and call it aday.

  9. Mmmmmm Adausi be endure sometimes before you say something. This world is round, you never know what comes tomorrow. Be responsible man

  10. It only took a moment for Joyce Banda to end fuel crisis now Bushiri said he has the money to end persisted black out but the current administration all they know is telling Malawians to hold on But what they should know is this time is not easy to fool people

  11. Dausi, if you don’t have something to say its better to be quite. You as Government have to go and tell people to plant trees, now what you are saying here. Instead of you finding the solution you are pushing the matter to CSOs. Wake up its your duty not otherwise.

  12. the curent President do not have any plan to develop dis nation…chondisangalatsa mnchokut neba wanga ndi wa Dipwipwi..kwaoso magetsi akuzima

  13. yaaa demo wl nt solve problem bt it iz one way of making a gvment to knw that we people we are nt happy wth the blackouts,so government shd do somethng to deal wth ths f** issue,

  14. ” there is a difference between saying nothing and solving nothing, the difference is that wen u say nothing on a matter of public interest u reduce your molaro,reputation , fame and support to minus 0 and thus disaster where as i f you solve nothing u try to put things in order though may not emerge postive while sending a signal of awareness and taste- BABANGIDA- NIGERIA”

    from above here is simple geometry;

    angle Govt + angle silence +politics = chaos

    angle demo – politics = positive signal( adjacent common cause on daily life existence)

    angle govt +angle politics + angle silence = negative free fall

    what does that entail you?…..let’s think over people

  15. He is scared of citizens that his professor will die of heart attack like his late brother he knows that if ppl march its gonna have a big impact on their government

  16. To me what the government is saying is true. No one can fix electricity problem because it is only KAPICHILA and NKULA power stations where we can generate electricity. This two power stations were made at the time our population was low. This time population is high. That’s why we are experiencing black outs. We have billionaires but nobody challenged to fix the problem

  17. Foolish!!! We HV some countries which HV no trees no vegetation but dey ar enjoying electricity!! Only in Malawi de board of esçom iz full of politicians DPP iz running escom!! Watch out 2019 muzatimvaso

  18. Kkkkkk NDE tidzale mitengo lero;ikule;mitsinje idzaze…ee ndi lero??
    APA kutiiuzatu kwachikulu kuti there is no immediate solution for the blackouts ndpo or timatche sidziphula kanthu ..Boma ndi Escom alephera.
    Ndife akulu tamva izo mwanena bwana Dausi koma just know that Malawian s are watching; listening and observing.
    You have the solution but you are awaiting for the Campaign period…
    Magetsi will be stable and it will be your best tune for attracting only the fools to go vote for you !

  19. OF course demonstration will not solve the electricity problem but it shows that you in the government are a failure. You can’t project for the future. The issue of electricity is not only from today but starting in Bingu’s era. How can we develop if we are consumed with pride, failing to accept and find the way forward. Why has two terms of DPP characterised with short falls? On top of that the voice from people is not heard but bullied by playing with people’s minds. People don’t want to be told your administrative processes but they want Electricity.
    Malawians we are good at administration but we are a failure technically. That’s why it is a pity to be a civil Engineer or Mechanical engineer etc but when you are an accountant etc you are highly paid because of the system. Our systems of managing things have to change. INTELLECTUALS OF MALAWI WHAT HAVE CONTRIBUTED TO THE NATION OF MALAWI? All of you , now you have bedded into administrative where lucrative potion is got.

  20. this Peter guy has a tendency of sleeping on issues of national importance. remember the issue of academic freedom when he was minister of education !!!hw long it took to resolve the ordeal ???

  21. Kanyimbi is not a political fanatic but a true Malawian citizen. Mr Dausi, it seems the government is now clueless on how to solve Malawian problems. When Bingu took over the presidency, he identified the problems that Malawians were facing and he assisted them to solve those problems and Malawians thanked him with a landslide victory. Malawians are not after tribes but they want their problems to be solved. Mr Dausi, Is it logical to have plans to construct a hydro power station in the same Shire river which you are claiming has less water? Why can’t you use Solar electricity? If you don’t know how it works may you consult Uganda government, it is working there. If you think its too far please visit Kamuzu international airport and you will appreciate the power of the sun.

  22. Kukanakhala Ku RSA,Dausi Bwezi Pano Kulibe Akanakowera Anthu Ameneyu.Sangalakhule Zopusazo Koma Poti Ndi kumalawi Tidazolowera Sorry Boss Ngakhale Abwanawo Atiponde Phazi Timapepesa Ndife Basi.

  23. We kno ma demo wo ndiot akupasen pressure….. Mumulore Bushiri athane nalo vutoli or osat iyiye m’malawi tili nd a2 achuma ambiri ot atha kuthana nalo vutoli…..

  24. If you say demos wont solve problems on electricity, what have you as dpp govt solved on this since 2004? Give major 1 escom and he says would end blackouts within days..kkkkkk Malawi eish!!

  25. A dausi musamayankhule ngati sindinu mmalawi kumanga anthu ma demo sikukutanthauza kuti vuto litha koma kuti boma lidziwe kuti people are fed up with the situation ndiye musamayankhule motumbwa I wish mutawerenga comment yangayi anthu ngati inu ndi amend mukuononga zinthu mumangoimbira mmanja zilizonse

  26. Koma anthu ena anangobadwa mwa ugalu basi! kodi boma lidayamba laimapo poyera mkuuza mtundu wa amalawi kuti mdziko muno tiona mavuto monga azamagetsi pa zifukwa iziizi? Anthu akuyenera kudabwa kaya coz boma silinanenepo chilichose. Ngati boma likuyenera kumauza anthu za vuto lililose lomwe dziko likuyenera kukumana nalo ndi zifukwa zake komaso njira zothetsera vutololo osati kumangoti mitu phwiii kenako mkumabwera ndi mfundo za zii mukaona kuti anthu ayamba kulankhulapo. Ngati kuli kotheka kupanga ma demo yes ndi zofunika kutero ndithu coz ma demo amapangidwa ngati penapake sipakuyenda bwino komaso ngati anthu ngati dziko sakuuzidwa chilungamo. Tinali ndi mvula yochuluka zedi munyengo yaiparayi koma magetsi amavutabe kumatinamiza kuti zinyalala zachuluka, apa mukuti madzi achepa ndiye anthu ena opanda nzeru mkumasekelera zimenezi? Wina aliyese amene akufuna kudzakhala pa mpando wa u president ngati sadzalongosola mavuto ngati amenewa ayembekezereso kudzakumana ndi mikwiyo ya anthu. mdziko mwathu muno sitikufuna ma president ozikonda kapena opusa. Ife tikufuna president othandiza dziko lathu osati kuononga. Kwa ine DPP ndiye ikukanika kulongosola zinthu mdziko muno. Nanuso otsutsa boma musatinamizepo apa kuti mungalongosole zinthu. Ngati mukuona kuti zinthu sizikuyenda bwino, mukulephera bwanji kuthandiza ndi nzeru zabwino kwa amene akuyendetsa dzikowa monga anthu amodzi? Zikuonekelatu kuti nanunoso mukungofuna mpando ndi cholinga choti nanuso mudzazunze anthu ndi kuba ndalamaso basi.

  27. Atsogoleri andale akafuna kunama, amapanga bodza kukhala chowonadi kuti anthu akhulupilire ndikuti atsitse mitima yawo pasi. Mr #Dausi can u explain and tell the nation kuti vuto la magetsi lidayamba liti ? Mwakhala mukumunamizira Nyani kuti akumagwetsa switch… Lero mukuti anthu apange plant trees… how long do those plants takes kuti idzagwire ntcito mukuinenayo? Mvuto si magetsi ayi koma boma lathu.akuluakulu in all department ali busy kuthira ndalama m’matumba m’malo mozisonkhanitsa kuti agule ma new resources ndikupanga restal all. Boma lathu likufuna kumenyedwa mambama kuti makutu/mapilikanilo awo atsekuke ndikuti amve zimwe akunena… coz seems like kwa iwo uts just a joke.

  28. Amalawi chomwe mungaziwe anthu akamapanga ma demo kumakhala kuonetsa mkwiyo kuti penapake sipali bwino, ndiye inu mukuti ndizolakwikanu muziwe zimenezo ndimkwiyo wamalawi umenewo ndipo panona palibe amene angayime pachulu ndikumati dzikoli lilibwino ameneyo ndiye kuti mutu wake sukugwira ayi, Anthuwa bomali lawakanika basi afune asafune koma zikuoneka zokha ndi maso.

  29. Aaaaaasaaaa enanu muli ndi magenerator makwanumo et? Mademo achitike basi ma district onseso ndipo, mwina zimagenerator akupanga zogulazo zibwere mwachangu, Nanga tizidikira mvula zoona?

  30. gyz mundigulileko sugar mu shop ya mwenye i mean belo la sugar wina anditengereko htc ndi power bank gyz kailowen muwaonetse kut kuzima kwamagesi kukubweletsa mavuto pa moyo wathu

  31. had it been I am rich I would have formed a group of thugs and one of the victims would be dausi, he talks nonsense on issues that concern citizens

  32. actually I tend to oppose much of what you guys say, but on this one, I am 100% with you!! Anthu nonse mukukamatcha please, mukamabwera mutigulireko majumbo amakala kuti tikoleze mbaula mudye masana pano. Mutipeza!

  33. Allow mina to open my station which will provide 10 000 in my area then i will come up with another plan for next level. Izi ndi zoona even angapange toyi toyi boma lake ilo silitheka bax :o:D i rest my case.

  34. DPP promised Malawians to end blackouts, Demonstration is one of our constitutional rights to show that we have been taken for a ride by you (DPP) we’re not happy, we cannot keep quite, tikuzunzika as if we are refugees in our own country. You keep on blaming past regimes, a bad carpenter will always blame his tools, you want solutions —- what type of solutions—- munthu akakuuzani zochita you say he is mad………………….

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  36. Seriously Domo is fine to do, but my people it wll not solve any prbms, it can still costs more prbms to urs, seeing people lost dere life or lost dere items in dere shop, so let’s put dat one aside pls

    1. ndiwe mmodzi mwazitsilu zomwe zikutsogolela malawi including yo stupid presdent
      if magetsi sakhala kunyumba ya presdent then us to demostrate amene zimuwawe he is going to solve it

    2. machende ako wamva chitsilu ndiweyo si kupusa ndi ulesi wanu, ndilibe President ine wamva usamayankhure mopusa wamva?

  37. Mumuuze uyo mumati#Nicholas Dausi that he deserve stupidy,he alwayz defend government 4nonsense.sometimes idon’t understand why this stupid maf**kers alwayz use to manipulate those who vote 4 them??kodi mumatiyesa pokuvotelani ndife zitsiru kuti muzingotizunza?? #Mtsogoleri aliyense yemwe timuvotere vuto lamagetsi limangokhalabe why?? It’s our tym now we need to force u whether u want or not but fix #electricity problem plZ ur all f**ken stupid if udon’t wan’t us to demonstrate on dis issue kukamwa kwako iweyo f**ken #Dausi

  38. Dausi who is also government spokesperson told local media that CSOs know the issues that have led to power challenges that Malawians are facing hence they should encourage Malawians to source ways of how they can curb the problem of electricity in the country. Dausi said CSOs must be at the forefront encouraging people to plant more trees and conserve the already exisiting vegetation to reverse the current situation of drying rivers.“Demostrations will solve nothing, it’s a waste of time and resources.“These CSO leaders are hypocrites, ill-informed and lack substance in the aproach of very important issue that concern Malawians,” he said“Let them go to the citizenry and encourage them to plant more trees to reverse the current situation where rivers are drying up due to deforestration,” Dausi added.

    1. But at his house, the power is there. Planting trees today can’t solve this problem iwe Dausi.

      Why don’t you go to the citizenry and civic educate them. Iwe Dausi umakonda kubwera pano anthu akayankhula za mavuto awo Koma chikhalirecho mavuto amaaziwa mmalo pot Iwe ndiwe ukhale first kuuza anthu za mene zinthu zilili.

    2. Tizare mitengo lero….mvula ikuvuta xo ikura bwanj..or itabwera ife tyidikire mpaka izakure… Bt we have uyu Bushiri as ur current solution tzit Dausi yo aasakuziwa

    3. Kkkkk kodi mitengoyi yayamba kudulidwa nthawi ya DPP yokhayi ali mboma?
      Between 2012-2014 JB adayendetsa temporarily bomali;moti nde there was no electricity kamba ka mitengo?
      Why talking about a long-term solution instead of addressing the crisis with some immediate or temporary measures?
      This gentleman Dausi only defends the ruling and do not buy ideas from the poor people!

    4. Bushiri Our Own Rich Youngman,munthu Oti Maiko Ena Kulakalaka Kumuba Kt Akhale Wawo Kuno Tkumunyoza.Ati Satanic Kkkk Ngat Ili Satanic Bola Iye2 Is A Multimillionaire..Koma Inu Ufiti Wanuwo,umphawi Omvetsa Chisoni.Chntho Kubereka Ana Basi Usiku Kukada.

    5. Benet,in everythng “maintainance dose” is a must if u want to sustain what u have.Joyce Banda loaded the system and maintained tt.now the dpp stopd maintaining coz pp started it,mtma wa njiru amalawi anzanga.Zitsulo za kamuzu mpaka lero wthot maintenance.

    6. Are there trees in namibia and sudan? Lets talk of upper zambez where mozambq gets its power. Ok. What about israel and dubai where Escom sends most of there engineers to “learn”? What rubish is escom talking about

    7. Mr Dausi,thats irelevant,offside,scapegoat,meaningless,empty excuse.U have a problem,thats lying,the answer is simply;u have failed.JB has not gone awao with trees,the same u now call old machines,good rains etc etc

    8. zaziiiii.about trees ndi nfundo less jus ask JB wat was her secret. or Bushiri wats hiz plans nde mupange if u cant afford allow them to……sizotinyasa kuti palibe solution kapena mitengo.za ziiiii

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