Malawi Court jails Area 25 women to 6 years

Area 25 Women Jailed
Area 25 Women Jailed

Three women who assaulted and urinated on a woman in Area 25 have been jailed to 6 years and 4 months each.

The women were arrested last month after a video clip showed them assaulting and urinating on another woman.

They were later convicted of acts intended to cause grievous bodily harm and insulting the modesty of a woman.

On Thursday, Lilongwe Senior Resident Magistrate Shyreen Yona sentenced the women to six years in prison for the first count and four months for the second count. the sentences will run concurrently.

The three are Thokozani Msiska from Enukweni village, Traditional Authority Mtwalo in Mzimba, Zelifa Phiri from Setha Village , Traditional Authority Zulu in Mchinji and Rodness Chose from Gonthi village , Traditional Authority Kamenyagwaza in Dedza.




  1. #Useless judgement, how the hell assault case earn people 6 years behind bars yet people who squander millions of tax payer’s money are let free in towns and cities….and you expect Malawi to develop???..No way. How many years was cash gate offenders?…you guys be careful! God us watching!

  2. Koma Ku Lilongwe a zimayi mukuchitisa manyazi malo moti muzitakataka basi busy ndi za u chitsiru! iyah simungakhale ngati azimayi a Ku Mzuzu koma zazimayi za Ku Lilongwe abale mmmmmm hmmmmm Eishhh!

  3. Chisoni kwa azibambo omwe azikazi anu amangidwawo anaomwe asiyawo muwakwanitsa kuwalela nokha?zosezitu gwelolake ndi chikondi painu mudziganizile

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  5. some 1 is wasting tym commenting shit aganst them.while any time they can be released for bail.and the magistrate got nothing to do with yo comments many well known criminals are out side after beeng sentenced in jail?it just depends if the got cash or not do take the magistrate order for guarantee

  6. Ndie tsoka kwa neighbour wamangidwa zaka 6kamba kothandiza mzako kulanga nkazi ndie mukuina ngat azimunanu akudikirani mpaka zaka 6 asapange zubwenzi kapena kukwatira?mwapindulanji

  7. 6 yrs its short for punishing the bitch.why police punishing the men in hard imprisonment when they concerned with case of raping and women abuse? to those shit ladies, they must know that the judgement yard is within their house.

  8. Their husband were found another wife to marry and take of them and there children.One of them told me yesterday.

  9. Aziona sanati… You can’t fight for love why not kulimbana ndimwamunayo?? Azibambo chonde mtima tiziugwira taonani tapweteketsa anthu otikonda awa

    1. iyitu si nkhani ya mamuna,victim yo amamunena 1 of the ladies kut shz positive,,,ya mamuna ndiyama ladies from area 24

    2. MMMM… This is bad… I remember Ku mulanje zinachitikaposo butchaman atanenedwa kuti Ali positive… Anangosolola mpeni ndikumuzonga nawo mzake ankamunenayo… Too bad

  10. A country that failed to make working strategies.There is no way either free radical prostitutions or violence can justified.Our country need to establish pure justice in the society.

  11. The evil that one does follows him or herself and if you trouble someone troubles will trouble yourself, at first seems like they are Madolo but now they are dormant failing even to explain. So who is going to take care of your children shame coz you have left your Children speechless sometimes it is better to think before u do, very sad indeed coz the people who were depending on u now are going to suffer even to drop out of school i really feel pity with u. Shame

  12. The saddest part of it is that their boyfriends or husband will remain ouside bars while these ladies are serving sentences. The victim will prosper, and will enjoy fully. Even in broad daylight, upita ku nyanja, mangochi, kukasambire ndi mwamuna amafuna kumuphetsayo, full time, while the foolish greedy lady is rotting, rotting, rotting in maula… Let us learn therefore kuipa kotengera lamulo m’manja. Kati ndiwe wa katukwi, wamphavu, wodziwa utukwana…tazingo kaswera ku dimba kulima mpiru basi.

    1. ‘Three women who assaulted another woman in the video circulating on social media in suspicioin that she was going out with one of the woman’s husbands have been arrested, police spokesman confirmed Tuesday evening.’ quoted from one other paper.

    2. They said the victim was saying one of them is HIV positive,,, n no man involved in this case ,,,simunanve bwino bwana

  13. Koma Azimayi amenewa amaona ngati phada eti…kapena iwo mashasha oziwa kukodzela amzawo, shame on them…zaka 6 zachepa atleast 15 years.

  14. What about the Area 24 women who committed rather a similar offence if NOT worse than these Area 25 women? And what about the other women the same area 25 who were assisting their friend in assaulting the poor lady and who are still at large? I feel sorry for these ladies especially those who went to assist their friend in beating all in the name of “kuthandizana” mwaonatu kufera za eni apa. Even your fellow women have ganged up against you. Let us learn to think before acting. Worse still you were raking the videos yourselves and even challenging that” you wanted people out here to see that you knew how to defecate and urinate. Did you think for a minute what was going to happen if your own children were going to see how you urinate and show your own nakedness to the whole world. Foolish women. Unfortunately ignorance is NOT a defence.

  15. I ve bn following the issue of these 3women. But what did the assaulted woman do to receive such a punishment? Can someone school me before I can comment?

    1. This is just a case of rumor mongering. The victim is accused of spreading rumors that their leader, Thoko, has HIV. They cannot even say where they heard that from.

  16. Comment reserved on da matter. Coz sometimes wen u r doing something wrong, u dn’t thnk U’ll b in trouble. Jst feel pity 4 dem, bt 4 sho, lesson wil b learnt after da incarceration..

  17. Now the guy is going to have a very nice time with the victim. That’s enough time for them to make atleast two babies. And when she gets the first pregnant she must go visit her 3 friends in jail to show them.

  18. Haa Zachepa Zakazo Mmene Anachitila Muja Nkupha Komwe Kuzunza Chithu Cha Moyo Nakhalans Munthu Nzawo Pamenepo Zakazo Zachepa Its Like Murder Nde Ine Zomwe Lachita Khoti Pamenepo Sizinandisangalase Pogamula Zaka Zochepa Ngat Zimenezo Kodi Anakakhala Anali Awo Amachitidwa Zimenezowo Anakamva Bwanji Popeza Mulandu Passed Agamula Kale Nde Zikhale Mmene Zililimo Koma Anakangokhala Mlongo Wanga Amachitidwa Zimenezoyo In One Week Time Onse Kuwona Zowawa Ali Moyo

  19. I don’t think in Malawi there is a place for them…..let them rotten in jail…..they pose serious threat to our future kids more than Ebola virus does. Unless they were highly intoxicated, mentally challenged or drunk their act would have been forgiven……the moment they finish their jail, deport them to the country of their own.

    1. true, wat really happened?? coz wen i heard about this development, it waz the time the convicts were on pending /prison.

      my friend, if u knw tip me, what realy happened to the victim??

    2. The victim was having an affair wth the boyfriend of one of the culprits. They decided to beat her in the house they shared and undressed her. After long torture they all urinated her in the mouth and ears. They were taking a video themselves during their shameful evil actions and posted it on Facebook themselves to show us how they punished their friend. Police tracked down them after seeing it on the public media and charged them wth a case of assault and many more. There they are now finally.

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