Chimwemwe Mhango loses property case


Malawi Supreme Court has ruled in favour of Livingstonia Synod of Church of Central Africa Presbyterian (C.C.A.P) in a property case against Reverend Chimwemwe Mhango.

The ruling follows a fight over property between the Synod and Pastor Chimwemwe Mhango’s Redeemed Presbyterian Church members who claimed real ownership of the property that Kanengo CCAP under Livingstonia Synod has.

In their ruling, the two Supreme Court judges Justice Anaclet Chipeta and Justice Frank Kapanda said Redeemed Presbyterian Church has no right to claim property that was bought under Kanengo CCAP Church saying the property was for the church and not an individual.

The court has ordered that, the buildings, chairs, equipment and bank accounts must be fully owned by the Synod.

Mhango founded Redeemed Presbyterian Church after he was excommunicated from the Livingstonia Synod when he denied to be transferred to a rural Church.

Some CCAP church members joined his new Church and claimed to own property that was bought at Kanengo Church during Mhango’s era.

19 thoughts on “Chimwemwe Mhango loses property case

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  2. Utsogoleri wa Livingstonia synod, Eeeeeish. I don’t believe azitsogoleri Ena kumeneku ali ndi mphamvu yodzozedwa ndi mzimu woyera than kungodzipangira Utsogoleri ngati fano losema. Za ku mpingo mpaka mma court. Zamanyazi ndithu

  3. When you write something pliz write kuti someone anve that property was not belong to Mhango, it was for c c a p synod of livingstonia and kuti iyeyo apezeke Ku Lilo

  4. It’s a shame that a church could not resolve its issues internally. Remember what you teach the people who follow you.

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  7. Shame to some men of God who are after earthly materials, money etc, very disappointing

  8. He should have known better. They should start from scratch. Adzaesa ngati moyo ndowopweka. The property belongs to livingstonia synod .period

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