VP Chilima to grace College Basketball Tournament launch


Vice President Saulos Chilima will this Saturday grace the launch of the MO 626 College Basketball Tournament at the Blantyre Youth Centre.

The news has been confirmed by Basketball Association of Malawi (BASMAL) President Hamlet Kamtengeni who disclosed that Chilima will take part in the games on the day.


Chilima: To launch a Basketball Tournament in Blantyre.

Kamtengeni added that joining Chilima on the list of high profile guests will be Sports Minister Francis Kasaila and officials from the Malawi National Council of Sports.

The tournament which is being sponsored by National Bank of Malawi, to the tune of K30 million kwacha, will be competed in 4 divisions.

“For a start we will have the south, east, centre and northern divisions. Each division will produce 4 men’s and ladies teams to make 16 men’s and 16 ladies teams,” said Kamtengeni.

He further explained that the tournament is expected to conclude by 4 December this year.

“We would like to allow the students time to concentrate on their studies, as they will be getting towards the exams, so we expect to wrap it up by December 4,” he said.

Kamtengeni disclosed that the finals will be played in Lilongwe at either Civo or ABC courts.

Winner of each category will cart home a whooping K2 million kwacha while the runners up will pocket K1 million kwacha.

K500,000 kwacha will go to the number 3 teams in each category.

There will also be lots of giveaways among them K1 million kwacha, which will go to the most disciplined team.

In a related development, the Southern Zone Basketball (SOZOBAL) will on Sunday have a daylong Wheelchair Basketball Tournament.

The competition will take place at the Kachere Rehabilitation Centre Court in Blantyre.

Insurance firm UGI is bankrolling the event, as confirmed by Sozobal Wheelchair Basketball Chairperson Charles Nyasa.

“In January UGI pumped in about K3.4 million kwacha which we used to hold clinics, sessions and friendly matches. Those were meant to further wheelchair basketball skills among the players. Now we want to test those skills through a tournament,” said Nyasa.

He added: “our vision is that by next year our players should be able to compete at international level. We are currently engaging the Malawi Paralympic Committee to consider the team for international competitions next year.”

Four teams are expected to participate with the winner pocketing K250,000 kwacha.

Second best team will take home K150,000 kwacha while K100,000 kwacha will go to the third placed team.




  1. And mentally considerate and timely responsible .. Chilima is fit physically yes, to his own benefit.. Just like my black belt..it’s only my pride not to the benefits of my village.. There was time for that when he was in private sector not as VP.. Unless he is father Xmas but this is not Xmas time, it’s blackouts/bloodsuckers/ Dpp exist door etc. At least he commits’ at one of those.. Basketball favours well in prudent economic stability where Malawi under him has a million years to realize it… Unless he is in showbiz and not politics. Shame!!

  2. Whoever is against the VP playing basketball is everything that’s wrong with the country. Thats why you always pick nkhalamba kuti zizikulamulilani. Don’t be backward. A leader should be physically fit.

  3. Chilima is an interesting character in our modern politics. I like his style of been a VP at his age.. It’s only a miscalculation that he is a Dpp member. He can fit well in MCP camp of today with his age unlike in Dpp.

  4. Angosiya u VP azikasewera mpira iyaaa
    Mesa amati timalandira ma change moti iye azipereka ma salary?
    Ndichan muchita a Chilima. Mwaononga cv yanu pa u vice president. Moti polemba mu diary muziti I played football. ..i played basketball kkkkk

  5. Uyu ndietu za ndale alibe nazo ntchitotu adangomukonda chifukwa chakuti ali ndi kaluso koipitsa mbili ya zisankho pakubela mavote mnjila yodziwa yekha

  6. Zikatere zitsiru zina zikukambano za magetsi kodi amati Vp Chilimayo ndamene akuzimitsa magetsiwo? ena mumangofuna kuti umbuli wanu aliyese awudziwe basi eti? nthawi ya MCP,UDF,Magetsi amavutabe ine zakuzima kwa magetsi ndinayamba kuziva kalekale koma enanu mukungoyankhula ngati mutu mwakhalira bwanji? kapena poti mmadera mwanumo magetsi afika pompano eti? mmesa boma lamwaza magetsiwo ndilomweri? ndiye mumati Prusident ndi Vice wake adzilirira magetsi akazima? pano nde mukufuna magetsi daily! mwachenjera muzingometana mipala mulipheee ayindithu ndimati ndinenad kuti palibe angakondwe ndikuzima kwa magetsi ayi! koma chilichonse chimakhala ndi budget A VP CHILIMA asiyeni apange zomwe akufuna osawachulukira nzeru ayi! sikuti a chipani cha Dpp azimangika ngati ku Malawi kuno kuli chipani chanzeru ayi! zipani zinazo nde mbavaso komaso zipani za atsogoleri opanda nzeru, Be alet Malawi achenjeretsa ngati nkodzo wa mmawa!

  7. Poor Veep. Reduced to a basket ball player basi. Iyi inali holiday. The man is not and will never be a politician. The best he can do is to go back to the private sector.

    • Kkkkk bola zake zikulowa ,this govt doesn’t have proper strategies of improving the economy, the only they think of is constructing structures not improving economy

  8. Ndikudikila ma comment ambuli zina zikambapo za Magetsi ndi ma by election results apa muona…lol

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