21 arrested for torching pastor’s car


Police in Limbe have arrested 21 people suspected of burning a South African pastor’s car after accusing him of being a blood sucker.

The mob burned the car on October 10 and police managed to arrest the suspects on October 24.

Limbe Police Station Publicist Widson Nhlane identified the pastor as Sibusiso Njamburo who is a South African national.

According to Nhlane, Njamburo who stays in Nyambadwe in Blantyre lost his direction as he was going to visit his colleagues in Chigumula since it was the first time to go to the place.

“The pastor therefore found himself in William village which is opposite Game Haven in Bvumbwe area.  He asked the villagers to assist him on which route to use to reach the said place but they descended on the pastor on suspicion that he is a blood sucker,” he explained.

The villagers burnt to ashes his K3.5 million motor vehicle Toyota Saloon Sienta and also wounded him badly.

Police have managed to arrest 21 suspects with the help of the pastor who identified some of the suspects involved in the malpractice.

The suspects will appear before court soon to answer the charge of unlawful wounding.



  1. Anakhala kuti ndi abale athu omwe akumapopedwa magazi u can’t say like that anthu obwela asamati kupepela ifeso timavutika maiko awo how many pipo the was killed in south Africa in zenophobia so powawonetsa kuti ifeso ndi okwiya well Done guyz

    1. Posting the word of God on the internet is a sin? How? But it is a blessing and Jesus Christ loves it. A sin is doing wrong things against the will of God.

  2. Hollywood team arrived in Kasungu this week no one suspected them to be blood suckers. I think people of Kasungu are more civilised than those of the south.These being whites if it was in Blantyre, Mulanje,Thyolo they could be in trouble for sure.

    1. One day it will b kasungu. Musaiwale a ku Blantyre anadziyesera anzeru koma akumana nazo. Muyambe mwawafunsa amene zikuwachitikira kut zikuchitika motani?

    2. What is the connection what I have said with Hollywood being a devil City? My point is clear here Hollywood team are in Kasungu to make a movie there#I have said people of Kasungu are more civilised than those of Blantyre which is contrary to the status of BT.BT people must be civilised than those of Kasungu which is not the case here.

    1. Martha Chimwaza do you know what it means Umbuli? Have you ever heard the word magic? Do you listen to news or watch Tv? Grace Obama Chiumia adavomereza ku Mimosa Mulanje.Do you want the bloodsuckers appear to you to make you believe? kod iweyo umatsutsa kut kulibe ufiti? Za nachipanti ku Blantyre zinkatan? I will try my best to let you know more if you have a heart that is ready to learn.Good day and God bless you. Yohane 20v 29.

    2. Yes Brighton Masenda if they are real tell them to come to me as they have done to you,do u know u people how much you have cost the image of Malawi to the whole world do u know what impact u have caused to some of us by your derailed minds and the killings you have done to innocent people how much u have cost their lives are u gonna bring them back huh??Don’t even start with me with that sorry ass of yours cz I won’t entertain your rubbish just go somewhere else otherwise you’ll be more than sorry for yourself!!!

    3. Martha That’s nonsense, Brighton he didn’t swear you like the way you did. Kodi ndichifukwa chani a Malawi ena amaganizo opusa ngati inu odzitenga anzeru mumalankhula mopusa, za ma Albino I hope unali mu gulu loletsa do you think people are mad saying that kuli ma Blood sucker. Watch your Mouth together with that your friend Francisco. Am not happy with you guys according to this point.

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