Supporter killed in football fracas


A 25-year-old man identified as Boaz Mwesumo died on Wednesday after a fracas erupted during a football match in Karonga.

The game between Kakoma football club and Chicago football club was part of a Salvation Army Bonanza.

The two teams met on Wednesday at Kiwe ground which is in the northern side of Karonga district.

Chicago football club was leading by two goals to nil which made the supporters for the winning team to be overexcited. The excitement did not please the opponents and they started fighting.

In an interview with Malawi24, Karonga police deputy spokesperson George Mulewa said that in the process of fighting a stone was released from the side of Chicago supporters which landed on the head of Kakoma supporter Boaz.

He was taken to Kiwe health centre where his death was pronounced upon arrival.

Postmortem revealed that the death was due to severe head injuries.

Police in the district have warned those taking the law into their hands that the law will not spare any criminal as investigations on the matter are underway.

Boaz Mwesumo hailed from Charson village, Traditional Authority Kilupula in Karonga district.




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