Attacks against persons with albinism on the rise following bloodsucking rumours

Albinism in Malawi

The Association of Persons with Albinism in Malawi (APAM) says there has been a high number of attacks against persons with albinism since the rumours of bloodsucking started.

Speaking at a press briefing on Monday at Crossroads Hotel in Lilongwe, APAM President Overstone Kondowe said in the month of August and September they did not register any case of attacks against people with albinism but cases have spiked in October.

Albinism in Malawi
Kondowe: We have registered four cases

“For the past two months, we never registered attacks on persons with albinism because of some of the strategies which were championed by APAM together with other partners,” he explained.

Kondowe however noted that for the past two weeks the association has registered four cases of the attacks against persons with albinism.  This has coincided with the spread of rumours about bloodsucking in various parts of the Southern Region.

According to him, the association has been working with government and nongovernmental stakeholders in order to get to the root of the problem.

He therefore called upon all Malawians of goodwill to join hands and condemn the attacks and monitor the security and fundamental rights of persons with albinism especially in the affected areas.



34 thoughts on “Attacks against persons with albinism on the rise following bloodsucking rumours

  1. But there hasn’t been any case reported for a while. I even thought we were winning the battle. Give us a clear view of what’s going on pls

  2. It is better and sweet to lead blind, ignorant, poor people. The Genius don’t comment about bloodsuckers much because they know what is going on but the ignorant, not highly educated people and the poor always deny the signs of times and always protect and defend the unknown. That’s why the African leaders take advantage of the poor.

  3. Ngati dziko likungosintha machimo ngati sodomu chonchi dziwani kuti chachikulu chochokera kwa Mulungu chodzatikhazikisa chete chikubwera. Pempherani kuti musazakhale mmodzi wa olangidwawo koma odzapulumuka kuti mudzasimbire ena.

  4. Ma association achuluka let’s love our country I think we are good at tarnishing the image of mother Malawi who is to suffer at the end ….its us again

  5. Malawi Malawi A Peanut State But Full Of Barbaric Practises Why? Recently Bloodsuckers B4 It Ends, Abino Attacks In De Pitch Again.So Frustratng News.

  6. Nkhani zophanazo zanyanya kwambiri ndikumazimvera pa Good hope fm radio from Cape town,Mwaonjezatu kwambiri ku mpanjeko bwanji kodi?? Mukutichititsa manyazi kuno ife monga amalawi.#mixxmm

  7. Umphawu sizinthu. Around 90s anatchuka anampopa magazi and it was believed kuti amatumidwa ndi a red cross amene zamagazi ndi zawo. Koma anthu amwe amkatchulidwa amakhala amphawi osowa olo chakudya pakhomo pawo. Amalawi tiyeni tizimbikila kugwila ntchito ndikuigwiritsa bwino ntchito ndalama… Zonse izi ndi umphawi chabe. Anthu Alubino tawadziwa lero kodi aaaaaa!!!!”

  8. Where did thé attack took place ? How did it happening ? Name the people Who were attacked. Dont just take thé Anamapopa situation advantage. Gave evidence

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