Fisp suppliers warned against selling expired fertilizer

Joseph Mwanamveka
Mwanamvekha speaking during the launch.

Government has warned suppliers of farm inputs under the Farm Input Subsidy Programme (Fisp) against selling expired fertilizer to farmers.

Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development Joseph Mwanamvekha made the warning on Wednesday when he officially launched the 2017/18 Fisp in Mchinji.

He said his ministry will be checking the inputs before they are distributed in selling points and will deal with all suppliers found selling farmers expired fertilizer or seeds.

He added that in the 2017/18 FISP contract between Government and suppliers, the suppliers have promised not to sell substandard inputs.

Mwanamvekha also reminded suppliers that they will be banned from the programme if found buying coupons from farmers.

This year government has increased the value of coupons for maize seed from K3, 000 to K6, 000.

Chairperson of the parliamentary committee on agriculture Chidanti Malunga said his committee will monitor the programme to ensure it is conducted effectively and that irregularities which marred the Fisp last farming season are addressed.

“We are encouraged that the distribution of coupons has started in good time this will ensure that farmers grow their crops in good time,” Malunga said.

Some of the companies to sell the subsidized inputs are Agora and Export and Trading.



  1. This govt will never ever learn from its past mistakes…. Rab processors was caught red handed repacking expired fertilizer…and yet under the WISE AND DYNAMIC LEADERSHIP OF OUR PRESIDENT,govt went ahead thanking them with a contract to supply feteleza waulereyu.. Nde wht gud are all these warnings are if action is taken when atambwaliwa akapezeka palibe akuchitidwa.. These govt is all talk and no action

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