Yamikani Chester encourages youth to go for HIV testing


Mighty Be Forward Wanderers and Flames attacker Yamikani Chester has urged Malawians mainly youths to go for HIV testing so as to know their health status and plan for their future.

Chester was speaking to thousands of people during a Healthy Football Fiesta organised by Dignitas International (DI) at Phalombe Secondary School ground in Phalombe district on Saturday afternoon.

Yamikani Chester
Yamikani Chester(Left): It is good to go for HIV testing.

According to him, it is good for people to go for testing and properly plan for their future since once found positive they can start taking the ARVs in time.

“Let’s all go for testing so that we should be able to know our statuses and plan for our futures,” he said.

Community Health Officer for DI in Phalombe, Exton Mtande, told Malawi24 in an interview that the two day bonanza has helped them reach many people with the message of HIV Testing and Counselling (HTC) and some went for testing during the event.

“We wanted to capture the people between ages of 15-49, for this event we targeted 1000 people and reaching this far we are about to reach the target.

“We are seeing long queues in the areas that we have put for HTC and that by 2030 we should combat this HIV/AIDS,” Mtande said in an interview.

Chiringa CCAP FC emerged as the champions for the bonanza after thumping Phalombe Police Eagles 4-2 in post-match penalties. Regulation time ended with the scores at 2-2.

For being champions, Chiringa went away with a trophy and cash amounting to Mk100,000 while Eagles took home Mk75,000 for finishing as the runners up.

Mpasa United who defeated UFA Youngsters in a third place decider went home with the package of Mk50,000 while former Flames player Richard Mambelera’s team got Mk30,000 for finishing fourth.

Dignitas International is one of the non-governmental organisations that is helping in implementing the 90-90-90 campaign and other issues affecting most Malawians.




    1. Hehehehe does yamikani doctor qualificant? Answer no yamikani not doctor qualificant yamikani is football wanderers playing socerer there.

  1. Pasanapake chasowa anamwalila ndi Edzi kapena
    Nanga jauju ,judge uja ,grace chinga ,matafale ,ndi ena ambiliwa sindinavepo kuti munthu wamwalila coz of Hiv positive

    1. Anthu enanu munangowona kubadwa kale Kima mutu mwanu mwadzadza ndi mamina ndithu, hiv is for everyone so why u can say tha? Uwu ndi mulili wa dziko, osati ma player a wanderes wokha.

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