We don’t benefit from fertilizer subsidy – farmers


Farmers Union of Malawi (FUM) has claimed that farmers have no interest in getting coupons for them to access subsidized farm inputs arguing they don’t benefit from the Farm Input Subsidy Program (FISP).

The sentiments come at time when Malawi has received its first consignment of coupons which arrived on Friday from United Kingdom (UK) where the coupons were printed.

Alfred Kapichira Banda

Kapichira Banda: Farmers do not need coupons.

Commenting on the arrival of the coupons, FUM chairperson Alfred Kapichila Banda said farmers do not need coupons for them to have inputs at lower price.

“Farmers say they are not welcoming those coupons, they receive those coupons due to the fact that it is the wish of the government,” said Kapichila Banda.

He suggested that government must consider giving young farmers idle land to produce more maize for the country to be food secure.

FISP has been criticised since it was introduced with critics arguing poor farmers do not benefit.

The program was introduced to allow small scale farmers access fertilizers and seeds at lower price.



  1. FUM of kate stands for the rich elite and not the most poor local subsistence farmer whom the program targets. Farmers Union of Malawi is also too Political in their handlings. So don’t pretend to speak for us sub farmers.

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  3. The best thing that that peter have to do is just to reduce the price of fertelizer , rather than making pple to stay on line waiting to buy one bag .After that, that bag is being shared with two pple or 4, which is more stupidity.

  4. Tione ngati mukakumbe naewu tie ili pakhosi enafe rimadziwa kuti program imene ija ena ikuwapanfisa kumasauka chifukwa anadzolowera kupanga business Yakuba over and above all awa akuti afumuwa they are a bunch of idiots kupharikizapo arolankhani a Malawi 24 chifukwa they can’t brain storm ma important ideas that will see them being a vibrant organisation!

  5. The thing is let the authorities suspend the program and they register the beneficiary so that they may work for cash that will see them buying fertilizer ar the actual selling price chifukwa akachita ntengo Ndiye kuti mukamurenfako muzikamuhulisa kunja kwa dziko lino ndi makobiri anawo pamene apa mu kuoneka ngati mukufunira mmalawi Zabwino koma zinali choncho .nde chofunika boma lipereke nchiro zachirukuko madera onse adziko lino ndalama zimene alandire anrhuwo Akamaliza kugwira nchiro zikhale zokwanira kugula thumba la ferrlizer full stop. tione

  6. This is true there nothing farmers get and they must stop steering farmers we don’t want coupons in this year .we want to buy without coupons put in good amount where by farmers can Ford yes we’re Malawian wake up

  7. Chimanga timalima kuti tizipeza chakudya not business if u not benefit is ur problem ine ndilibe problem ndimakodwa aliyese akamadya nsima not madeya kumazuzika mizele kwa mavenda

  8. Idont no who iz respoble for this but sindikuonapo phindulake zikupindulila achuma amphawi akungo zunzika ngat mukundimva mungoika ntengo okti aliyense akwanise kugula, makopon athe! anthu anji osamva pempho.

  9. A fum kusavetsa ma coupon ndiwoti athandize alimi enieni ovutika Ku midzi osati inuyo atsogoleri ai becoz inuyo mulindikanthu kusiyana ndi winay

  10. kma pena pake kumayamika ndibwinoso..wi understand aliyese sangapange benefit kma tinali ndani ife chipanda malemu Bingu kubwera ndi program imeneyi..osauka weni weni sangayakhule zopusazi

  11. 3 or 4 farmers share one bag of fertiliser, then how is that helpful when he needs at least 2 bags. these coupons are now being used as a political tool not for the sake of these poor farmers. they better be abolished and seek onother helpful way to farmers.

  12. This program yaika alimi pa ukapolo okanika kugulisa zokolola zawo momasuka.
    You think every famer amadalila makupon anuwo.
    Many ppo take farming as busines they can buy inputs like fertelizer .
    Do some thing to protect them who dont needs copoons .

  13. It can’t help those who stay in towns
    This programme is for poor rural areas people….
    it help a lot n most of poor farmers are had now afford feeds their families than before this subsidy programme

  14. It can’t help those who stay in towns
    This programme is for poor rural areas people….
    it help a lot n most of poor farmers are had now afford feeds their families than before this subsidy programme

  15. I dont think a poor farmer in the village can say that, we are benefiting from subsidised farm inputs. If the government reduces the prices of fertilizer only members of FUM who are holding top positions will benefit not my mom in Mulanje.

    • how can you say the program is benefiting poor farmers yet 15% of poor farmers are the ones getting coupons while 85% left empty handed .Is it possible 85 to fit in 15?

    • You buy a bag of ferteliser @ K15,000, nde mulowetsepo other costs zaku munda. And after harvesting Boma limakugulani thumba la chimanga @K2,500. Mumapindula patipo?

    • Yes a poor farmer from village can say that my dear, 1 bag of fertilizer is shared to 4 people pamudzi, ena amangogawana wanthaka, enanso 3,4 kugawana obeleketsela, so tell me can they say they are benefiting? Amene mmagula makoponinu ndamene mmapindila

    • No in our village no one buy coupon, unless there’s enough to believe that the one selling isn’t able to buy a bag of fertiliser. it’s true that everybody can not receive but it would be of more harm if government is to stop giving coupons to poor farmers. To of reducing the prices of fertilizer so that everybody can buy, that’s a lie. some are even failing to raise money to buy fertilizer with coupons so don’t be cheated my brother coz not everybody would be happy with what you do them