Beware men: five years for forcing women to abort


Among other reasons on why women terminate pregnancy is because they are forced by men who impregnate them, but the revised termination of pregnancy bill seeks to have such men given a maximum jail term of five years.

Confirming on the new development, chief law reform officer at Malawi Law Commission Mike Chinoko said when the bill is approved to be a law, men are to be jailed if reported to have forced women terminate pregnancy.

PregnancyChinoko added that termination of pregnancy bill is not opening doors for abortion to be legalized but to allow it to be conducted when a woman has been raped or defiled in just mentioning some cases.

“When we went around and inquired on the causes of unsafe abortion, most women disclosed that they were forced to terminate pregnancy against their wish by men,” said Chinoko.

A recent study by Guttmacher disclosed that 141,000 abortions occurred in Malawi in 2015, at an annual rate of 38 abortions per 1,000 women of reproductive age all of which indicates that abortion is common in the country.

The majority of these procedures were performed under clandestine and unsafe conditions and often resulted in complications.

Meanwhile Malawi is yet to decide on whether to legalize abortion as various stakeholders give their views on the matter.



  1. Firstly, anybody involved in murdering an unborn child should be put to death, but given how abortion-genocide is legal overseas then at least it is being punished.

    Secondly, how can this Guttmacher claim the number of abortions in Malawi per year if it is illegal, this means they have either made it up or they have got confessions from women who committed this murder, and this makes Guttmacher complicit to mass murder in Malawi because they would be harbouring murderers (by not reporting them to the authorities).

  2. Modern laws seemed to be against men in all corners. Learned lawyers and learned society is giving a deaf ear to fellow men for personal interests.. to be specific for donner aid are killing the nation only to feed your stomach

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  4. Five years for what ,,,some women their trying to have child with yu while yu not ready for that,,,they don’t want to use kulera ,,,they do ambush ,,,like Vietnam war,,,,just tramp yu down ,,,dey to me I’ll run away ,,,,finish..

  5. That’s nonsense how can a Man force a woman to abort pregnancy? Women should get the punishment not Men after all amuna samakhala ndi mimba

  6. This is a total lie, you can force a horse to the river. But u can’t force it to drink, those who gets pregnant the want it

  7. RANDOM:

    *Did you know?…*

    If you send to a girl some cash for transport to come over but she decides not come over and does not refund that money…

    You can refer to *Section 492(i) of the Criminal Procedure Act* & file a case of theft under false pretence, & she can be jailed for up to 7 years?

    Apa Ambiri alikundende Eishiiiii.


  8. But ladies are aborting everyday without being arrested. What difference does it make? Are females becoming gods? I think wisdom is disappearing from the face of the earth. Never ever justify sin.

  9. Dziko Lopusa, abortion ndiyofuni kwambiri pounikira kuchepesa chiwerengero cha kuchuluka kwa anthu nd i umphawi wa boma,,anthu sangasiye kupasana mimba

  10. If so,all the are guilty. Jail term for a man and a woman. Poti bkma ndilokondera akazi,chilango akachipeza ku mwamba. Mulungu alibe corruption.


    1. Even if it was rape, why murder the baby? It is not the baby’s fault. Kill the rapist instead.

  12. Aaaaaaaa inu ndimazoba mwava what do u mean forcing??? mesa katundu amanyamula ekha kumakhala kufuna kwake…i hv seen women who allows their men to go if it takes for them to keep the baby….mulibe dzeru

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