Malawi gospel hip hop getting bigger: Joseph Asa shining in SA


Malawi’s hip hop gospel keeps getting bigger as inspired youths are day in, day out adding up numbers to the good news rappers’ community.

Walking in the same path with some of the legends, David Kalilani, Suffix, Tha Gosple, and KBG, is youthful Malawian in the name of James Asa.

Joseph Asa: I do music for the lost.

The South African based starlet is proving to be a force to be reckoned with in the rainbow nation with his priceless skills. He says, his music mainly targets the lost.

“I do music for the lost, for those who have lost hope for a brighter tomorrow, for those who think love isn’t there, for those who feel like God isn’t hearing their cries,” he said.

Joseph proudly says he is not in music to enjoy the beauty of stardom but to serve God as his messenger. His dream is to travel around the world on a life changing mission.

“No matter how hot you are you must know you’ll always get cold but with God who makes all things possible we’re unstoppable. And I know the world hasn’t seen anything yet, my music will get far and many souls shall be saved.”

The 22-year-old is currently working on his debut album titled “The dreamer” on which top South African and American artists have been featured. However he cannot reveal the featured artists to avoid ruining the surprise.

The album will be out early 2018. Meanwhile he is enjoying live stage performances in the rainbow nation.

Asa promises to keep the fire burning as his latest single, Blessing enjoys a handsome share of airtime. He revealed his next single as titled Decided.




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