Stop using ‘Ass of God’ posts


The Assemblies of God Church in Malawi is very angry. It’s very upset for being dubbed ‘Ass of God’.

The memo from Chisonga

In a circular signed by the Church’s President, Dr. Edward Chisonga, the church says it is worried to see sign posts written “Ass of God” referring to the Assemblies of God saying the Church’s full name is not subject to any form of abbreviation.

“Many non-assemblies colleagues always ask us why we use such abbreviations,” the circular reads in part.

The Church’s pastors have since been asked to erase sign posts that carry that tag.

The memo says the connotations in the word ‘ass’ do not reflect the integrity of the church.

Assemblies of God Church is one of the biggest churches in Malawi and recently clocked 70 years of existence in the country.



  1. I have totally lost trust in the leadership of this church, we had our church blown off by astorm December last8 year we reported but up to now nothing came to our rescue mpaka azungu omwe kutimvera chisoni kutigulira malata! mpingo wathu unaliri munyengo zowawitsa koma atsogoleri analikupemphabe mathandizo kumpingo osasukawu mmalo moti atithandize thats not fair

    1. Daniel, it was your duty as a church member to organise other church members to find a solution to the roof problem of your church instead of complaining of inaction from your church leaders. Could you, the members, have failed to raise the funds to buy the required iron sheets? You are clearly one of those who just talk and want others to act.

  2. With their false works-based gospel they’re not even worthy of being mentioned as any part of God.

  3. You weren’t even supposed to write such a blasphemous story to the public…. Media Let’s watch out on some of these issues concerning God, otherwise we may end up Corrupting more innocent Minds online

      1. Freedom to write whatever you want… but if it doesn’t fit in with the God-hating left-wing fag-loving communist diktat of the liberals, then it’s banned, racist, hate speech etc.

  4. But Bantu zoona! Kateule Frazer Grant Bwalya Pascal Mwale Tommy Matomola Stainley Chambula Mwesah-Mpundu Kapesa Hendrix Chaliweme Misheck Lukupwa Kennedy Mulenga Chisanga Naomi Kaluba Kawalika Phiri Freeman Chipompa Godfrey Ng’ambi-Honourable Graphael Mulenga Paul Kambole

  5. This is blasphemous I believe God will deal with this man who started this, am not belonging to Assemblies of God Church but I will not joke with God in this manner and am not happy with this

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