We should not use charms to protect forests

Viphya Forest

Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) has opposed a proposal to protect Malawi’s forests using charms.

MAM spokesperson Sheikh Dinala Chabulika said Muslims are not in agreement with herbalists’ proposal to use charms as a way of protecting forests across the country.

Dinala Chabulika
Sheikh Chabulika: Not in agreement with herbalists.

Chabulika said it is better for government to use already formulated laws instead of using traditional medicine in the name of protecting the environment.

He noted that it is not wrong to protect the forests using charms but he expressed reservations on the effectiveness of such a measure.

“We cannot say that using charms to protect forests is wrong but is not that recommended considering that charms are not that ideal,” he explained

Chabulika however said it is better to follow what the constitution says as far as protecting forests is concerned.

He then encouraged government to use available laws aimed at conserving forests.

Government deployed Malawi Defence Force soldiers in the country’s forests to curb wanton cutting down of trees.