Man dies after using charms to get rich


A 22-year old man identified as Limbani Nsalawatha has died after using charms to get rich in Dedza district.

The man went to Mozambique where he got traditional medicine.

He was advised to take them and was told he would die for a week as part of getting rich.

The man took the charms to his house and drunk.

Confirming the incident, Dedza police spokesperson Edward Kabango said the man advised the wife not to cry nor tell anyone and he ordered her to collect maggots into a bag from his decomposed body that would turn into money when he resurrects after a week.

According to Kabango, the man indeed died as advised by the witchdoctor and the wife left the dead body in a separate room and as a ritual,she did not to mourn him because that would make his death permanent.

“After six days, neighbours were disturbed by the bad smell coming from the house and house flies were seen through a window where the body was lying,” Kabango said.

This forced the wife to go to the relatives of the husband where she revealed everything.

The matter was reported at Njonja police unit from which officers rushed to the house with a medical practitioner. The body was found in a decomposed state.

After postmortem, results showed he died due to suffocation and burial was ordered.

Limbani Nsalawatha was coming from Chimowa village, Traditional Authority Kachere in Dedza.

Meanwhile, police are advising people to refrain from believing anything they hear but should work hard if they want to get rich.




  1. Typical of black people especially Malawians they want to get rich by doing nothing at all. The Bible says you will eat your sweat

  2. Mmmmm zomvetsa chisoni osadziwabe kuti mwa ambuye kudzera mwa mwana wake yesu Christu muli chuma not za kwaira ng’angazo ,kugwira ntchito molimbika mulungu sakhala chate amaonjezera chuma chilipo mwa ambuye

  3. Kwa Satana kulibe cha ulere! He has paid his life just imagine. Malawi, let’s learn to trust Yahweh. He is here to prosper us!!

  4. Hahaha nyamatawa zaka22 wanfa chifukwa cha kungwilinsa ntchito zithumwa kuti alemele what kind of that men please guys letters work very hard whith our hands any way R.I.P for him.

  5. Mmm Tamachangamukani,working hard,and understang how things works in this work,,and make use of what God has provided in ur hands,This is lazines

  6. Achinyamata who told u that?just work hard and start believing your self cuz everything is posible.but za kwang,anga izi wil make u be aslave with your own money.

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