MCP’s Msungama speaks on rape accusations


Malawi Congress Party (MCP) candidate for Lilongwe City South East constituency has responded to questions over his marital status and rape accusations.

This follows claims by the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) that Msungama is unmarried and a rapist hence not fit to be a parliamentarian.

Msungama: I am not answering any rape case.

Writing on Facebook on Friday, Msungama said he is not answering any rape case as claimed by the DPP secretary general Greselder Jeffrey.

On his marital status, Msungama admitted that he is not married but was quick to reveal that he is engaged and will tie the knot soon.

“Marriage is a lifetime commitment and should always be approached prayerfully and carefully. I subscribe to that persuasion,” he said.

The MCP candidate then advised the ruling party to conduct an issue based campaign rather than castigating him.

Msungama said the DPP should be telling constituents what it will do for them if they elect its candidate.

“I wish they would have just delivered what they would do for the constituency, and also explained to the voters, why after 13 years of their government, Lilongwe City South East remains one of the most under developed and backward suburbs in the world?” said Msungama.

By-elections in Lilongwe City South East Constituency will be held in October after Msungama successfully challenged the results of 2014 elections for the area.

Msungama’s main challenger for the seat is DPP’s Reuben Ngwenya.



  1. DDP will not win again ife mawa wakusewu a MCP ,


    1. Msungama you’re handsome. Gresseder will do everything possible to have you for herself. Kkkkkkk Ukawina mukakumana ku parliament.

  2. millionare amafuna wogulisa makala saziwa munthu uyu kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  3. there is wisdom in this Msungama’s statement “Marriage is a lifetime commitment and should always be approached prayerfully and carefully. I subscribe to that persuasion,”

  4. brother you are so hundsome and really admirable so ngat mkazi sukumufusira she can just say so,,,wishing you all the best brother and may God bless amen!

  5. Guys, the boy has done well by responding. The accusation is serious & can psychologically provoke hate among his voters.

  6. Nanunso a Ulemu Msungama mungamayankhe nkhani yopusa ngati imeneyi?don’t you know that Jeffrey is a sick woman??Tell her to show us his husband if he has any.Amangokhalira kuvulira azimuna ayeni,alive mamuna ameneyo.After all you are a man utha kukwatila nthawi INA iliyonse if you wish to.Koma mayiwa akukalamba angawafune ndani..shiiiit!!!

  7. He could huv remain silence this is DPP propaganda just to frustrate MCP voter we will still vote for him amafuna ankwatire Jeffrey yo

  8. If he’s something to say definitely something bad must have happened. Utsi sufuka popanda moto.#rapistsparty

  9. The best was to answer fools with silence. Chatha chipani cha DPP ndipo chiribe mfundo za chitukuko. Nkuona aspiring MP mmalo mothyakula mfundo akungowagulira mowa anthu. Akabwera a SG, kwao kutukwana basi kikikiki DPP is an empty tin with loud noise.

  10. Kkkkkk… No big deal here. You didn’t rape Jeffrey. But Jeffrey admires you so much..!! And she wishes you better rape her… Rape her and her party through votes in by-election.. Be the winner.. Congratulations!!;

    1. Jeffrey paja millionaire Wa education scum
      Zima truck ndi zija zilitu pa kanengo police station
      Prosecution pending.

  11. We don’t answer propaganda s a rapist goes to jail if Msungama is a rapist he would be in jail now any one says Msungama a rapist must seek physiology attention or else will walk naked in the street on broadaylight!

  12. Koma zogwirirazi ndizoona chifukwa sunayankhetu sitingavotere munthu ogwiririra azimai chifukwa mp ndi law maker ndiye inu palamulo logwilira muzikazembapo inu

    1. Ndikaliati zoti police ndi COURT alipo ntchito yawo kufufuza ndikumanga athu olakwa sudziwa steve shaaaa osaika lamulao mwa sg wanuo kunonso kumene akuchoka aluzanso come 2019 nonse ndinu mbuzi

    1. This is a private issue, remaining silent would render the allegations true, he has to refute the allegation since they are senstive and come from a CEO of rulling party.

    2. Anthu nthawi zina umafunika kuwayankha in a diplomatic way to refute the stupid allegations…
      Viva Ulemu Msungama mavoti ako ngosayamba

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